Proven Strategies to Increase Mobile App Reviews on App store and Play-store

We all use mobile phones for various purposes to meet our needs and requirements on a daily basis. Using mobile phones only for communication and sending messages are days of the past. Today, mobile phones provides us with the ability to do more than that. With the help of mobile applications, we are able to book cabs, order food , buy products online, etc. We use different mobile applications for various purposes and before downloading or using a mobile app, most of us tend to check the review of that particular app. This is because positive reviews mean that the mobile app has a sufficient amount of quality features. This directly enhances customer satisfaction in the process too.

Managing app store ratings and reviews is one of the most important tasks after deploying your mobile app. Good ratings  and reviews mean that your mobile app has a better chance of expansion and growth. But also, this is one of the major challenges faced by many mobile app service providers. The needs of customers vary from person to person and from time to time. This article discusses about some tips on how to get app reviews and enhance in app ratings and reviews.

Customer reviews on Mobile Apps

Effective strategies to enhance and increase mobile app reviews 

Users and customers must be able to provide app reviews hassle-free

The feature of providing users and customers with the ability to provide app reviews and ratings must be simple and convenient. Developing feedback features is one of the important features to be developed. It must be integrated with other necessary features. Successfully development of a feedback section allow new users and customers to easily identity an app of their interest. Place these features in appropriate sections of the app such as the main  menu, headers, etc.

Tip: Make sure that the location of the feedback and review section does not obstruct the users and customers from their interaction with your app.

Prompt your customers to review your mobile app 

Sometimes customers who are willing to provide reviews may not find the time to do it simply because the review section is hard to find. To avoid such challenges, you can develop pop-ups that take the customers to the review section .

Tip: Make sure that you  do not allow pop-ups to appear often as it may hinder the user experience and that may indirectly discourage them to review your app.

Provide benefits and incentives to the customer for reviewing your app 

Sometimes a little push in any operation allows any business to get the job done. In this scenario, the push required might be like providing discounts in periods of low sales. Following an everyday low pricing strategy might also motivate users to review the app and share it with their friends and family.  Extra payments or rewards motivate users to use the app more often leading to successful reviews eventually. Just like that, providing incentives and benefits will motivate users to write a review for your app.

For example, certain game apps such as Steam platform based games provide score points for a writing review of the particular game purchased. These score points increase the profile rating which in turn allows the user to avail more discounts during the winter or summer sales.

Tip: Make sure that you do not indicate users to provide only positive reviews. Only prompt them to provide a review and do not influence them to provide a positive or negative review.
It is up to the user what review they want to write. Also, ensure what you are asking the user to perform in exchange for a review. Make sure that what you are asking of the user to accomplish does not violate the users terms and conditions.

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