Power Pages: What Are They and How to Use Them?  Rank Higher on Google for Multiple Keywords

If you stumble upon a blog of an SEO expert, you will notice that all their content is linked to various sources for example their stats, other blogs, or links inside their own website. That isn’t a mere way of proving that their work is verified or legit but also that It helps with converting normal pages to power pages.

If you are just focusing on keywords to get your business a higher website engagement then your plan for a successful online business is doomed. Keywords are just the very tip of a large iceberg that is Search Engine Optimization. Don’t fret though, we got you. You can increase your visibility and reach a wider audience once you have finished finding out your main keywords.

It’s obvious isn’t it, longer content will have a larger number of keywords. If you want your content to reach a wider audience your content piece should be a minimum of 1890 words per blog post. Anything below this number is a waste of time and resources.

There is a set of steps you can follow to optimize all the efforts

·         List Important Keywords

·         Understand what is a power page

·         Create a power page

·         Understand Backlink

List important keywords

Firstly to make a list of keywords you have to make sure that you research your keywords thoroughly. Basically stating,” Keyword research is market research of the 21st century” as said by Brain Dean.  Once you have an intensive list you can now target various keywords in your blog post. Although don’t get carried away and target too many keywords in one blog post. Make a list of what is important for your site and create separate blogs for a mix of two or three keywords maximum together.

To find relevant keywords that aren’t time-consuming you can use various tools.

  • Google keyword planner – This is the most reliable source of data because it comes directly from Google. Google though uses this platform to push Google ads for your campaigns. The app still helps with your keywords search. 
  • Explodingtopics.com – You can list the topics here by category and find the keywords for your website. Although a new tool Exploding Topics scavenges the web for terms that are at the pinnacle of popularity and gives a whole list of the said terms.
  • Keyword surfer – This is the most interesting keyword research tool, it shows you keyword ideas from inside Google’s search bar. All you have to do is install the chrome extension and you are all set.
  • SEMrush – SEMrush is a paid tool you can use to save time. SEMrush shows you which keyword a site ranks the highest for. So if there is a site you are competing with, you can simply steal all their keywords with the help of this tool.

Let’s understand what is a power page

Power Page also known as skyscraper content, are both terms coined by Brian Dean. You can search for both to read up about it.

What is a Power Page?

A power page is an internal page of your website that will rank on the first page of Google search. It is a page of strategic content designed to permit you to complete resourceful link building. This in turn boosts your authority for Google search results which will help you create brand value and increase visibility.

Content – A long form of content here is key. Not your regular 2000 word blog post, everyone is doing that. Think bigger, 4000 or even as high as 10,000-20,000 words.

Navigation — Long-form content should be easy to navigate. If you look at popular Power pages, you will notice that they are divided into chapters or a table of contents, you can anchor the titles for easy navigation.

Power pages aren’t for sales, they are intended for creating value and giving your audience in-depth information on the topic. Power pages show your expertise in the field and help with shares in social platforms, and increase traffic, which eventually does lead to sales.

Why power pages work and how to create them

Power Pages are effective because they are long-form content, so more words = more keywords. This also includes  Long-tail keywords. Larger content also gets more social shares. This has been proven by OkDork and BuzzSumo that content between the word count of 3000 – 10000 received average shares of 8859. Longer content is also beneficial because it makes the reader stay longer on your website. There are SEO benefits you can gain with readers staying longer on your page. So don’t forget to make your content engaging.

Power pages can be created by starting with your most famous pages. Your highly trafficked pages are the ones you can convert to a power page. Look at some statistics from your website analysis tool and figure out which pages are doing best. Once you have that number see if there’s a 2000 word blog post that you can extend to 4,000 or higher. If you have similar topics on various pages, try and combine all of them to make a full-size guide.

You can also hire a content writer to create articles that you can later analyze and convert the best ones to Power Pages.

The next step is the use of all your keywords. Make sure that these keywords really are driving traffic. Once you have the comprehensive list of keywords find their long-tail versions. After you research, figure out which long-tail keywords work best for you. Long-tail keywords are very important for Power Pages.

What is a Backlink?

A backlink is a link created by one website where they hyperlink the information to another website. Backlinks are an important SEO tool. They show that another website recommends your work; this builds your site’s goodwill. It is a signal to search engines that other websites endorse your content. The endorsed content gives a signal to search engines that it’s worth linking to and so they rank higher on Search Engines.

What type of backlinks are useful?

Not all backlinks can raise your content’s credibility. You have to be sure that they are from popular sites, that way your content too will be credible. Spam sites on the other hand can bring down your credibility. Focus on quality over quantity. A single backlink from a reputed site can be more powerful than 1000 backlinks from spam sites.

Usually, the site linking to your site is related to your site. This can make the reader stay on your site or revisit it if your content is engaging enough for them. It is usually better to get 100 different backlinks from 100 different sites. If the same website keeps backlinking to you, the ranking power eventually goes lower and lower.

How to create backlinks?

Create a website that has content worth linking to. These are also called linkable assets. A linkable asset is basically any form of content that another site will want to link to. Can be an article, software, video, podcast, etc.

Creating content, and researching topics that people have not already given their opinion on is also very important here. You can also opt for guest posting when you initially begin your SEO journey. They link the writers, and this helps with boosting your website’s traffic.

Use Power Pages for a cutting edge advantage

You should begin your Power Page journey with a strategic plan. Where you begin writing larger pieces of content instead of many smaller ones. Showing up on the first page of Google in the initial stage of your journey is just impossible. Most of the Google search is dominated by industry leaders who have been making content on the topic for years.

Your best bet here is to target long-tail keywords. Even though the volume for these might be lower, so will the completion. Make sure to have credible backlinks that help build your website’s reputation. More than a third of websites are blogs. There are almost 500 million blogs created every day, make sure that your work is not lost in this sea of blogs.

Make sure to regularly check your SEO statistics and get an insight about what does well for your website, and work more towards that. Keep tools handy and invest time in research and development. You have to be patient to get your site on the top. It doesn’t happen magically overnight, but it surely does happen over time.

Make your content so strikingly captivating that your reader spends a lot of time on it. Like we know, more time = better SEO ranking.

What tips are you going to follow from these and how have they been helpful? Do you have any more creative ideas that you would like to share?

More Power to Power Pages, driving traffic one site at a time!

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