Pico Projector: Useful Device for Small Scale Meetings

Looking for a pico projector? Let us assure you’ve come to the right page. Today’s post is going to be all about pico projectors, its benefits and the trending projectors in the market you should definitely take a look at! These little electronic devices after all, are super helpful and make life much easier for almost everybody who is constantly on the move.

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What Is a Pico Projector?

Pico projectors are compact, almost the same size of large cell phones and can be set up pretty quicks. They break down your presentations very easily and some of them also come with cool and flexible tripods that help your projector stay strong. Such projectors generally have four parts which help the images turn into a signal. Then it will drive the lights of the laser to produce different colors and intensify the various paths. In short, it is perfect for all tutors, professors, and businessmen!

5 Best Pico Projectors in The Market Today

Here’s a look at all the best pico projectors you can find. According to CosyHousehold.com, these are trending and are bound to impress.

LG Minibeam

LG Minibeam is light in weight and very compact. It offers great video and has the perfect data image quality. The port selection is simply great and the Bluetooth connectivity is great. The internal battery is rechargeable and comes with a tuner at the same time. However, the biggest disadvantage is that it has 720 pixels resolution which is quite slow for entertainment project. The brightness is modest and the audio is soft and has no zoom. The bottom line with this product is that it is light, easy to carry around and be used to project TV shows and has some great connection choices. It also has a good video and image quality which makes usage easy.

Magnasonic LED

Magnasonic LED is definitely advisable for tutors. It fits perfectly within the budget, offers a good lamp life and is super stylish. The rechargeable battery is totally built in. The resolution is great and the brightness is low. The audio tends to be soft and the text is generally blurred in all the data images. Overall, this video project does perform quite well compared to the price it offers, the resolution it has and the brightness it comes with.

RIF6 Cube

Now this one is a little tiny but certainly something tutors should take a look at. The design is stylish and it comes with a good internal battery that is easy rechargeable. The tripod can be used for small projectors. The HDMI port is generally MHL-enabled and can be used for connecting for all devices, especially mobile. The disadvantage is that it doesn’t connect wirelessly. It has a touchpad that is not very responsive. It may be a little underwhelming but is surely worth it. The overall review is that it is a tiny elegant projector that can be used in all the screens of the mobile device. However, we wish the video quality was better.

Philips Pocket Projector

This one is wireless and offers you a whole lot of connectivity options. At a less price, it comes with a great charger you can easily use if and when the battery dies. The rated brightness has approximately 50 lumens and has been built with around 640 to 360 DLP chip paired with a light source that is LED. On the left side, the projector comes with a HDMI port that will support MHL and has a mini plug audio port. Along with that, it comes with two captured cables and it offers a male USB type A connector.

AAXA M6 Micro Projector

This one is similar in several ways and comes with some great brightness you would absolutely love. It offers a HD resolution and makes a good choice for business people, especially those who need to give presentations while they are travelling. It is very easy to use once you have set it up and has many connection choices and has good data image quality. It is only watchable for short clips depending on the colours and the rainbow artifacts.

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What Are The Benefits of Pico Projectors?

Before we complete the post, here is a little something on the benefits of using pico projectors!

Perfect for People on The Move

Those of you who are always on the move may consider Pico Projectors because they are as small as a mobile phone and can fit into your pocket easily. They are not super bright or anything and produce images that are high in quality and come with a whole range of data sources. They are also ideal for small meetings, salespeople and general home uses. If you are constantly moving and need to make projects often, a pico projector is what you really need.

Super Convenient

Pico projectors are super convenient and even though their size is really small, they come with a whole range of ports to allow different connections of data sources that are varied. The majority of the projectors come with USB inputs or a memory card reader. You can easily store the sliders and photos with the help of a memory card and display them by negating the need for an electronic device like a laptop. There are many new models that are releasing every day and the HDMI ports here allow the connections of everything, including an iPhone, iPad or even a Blackberry.

In short, pico projectors are perfect for those who have several small scale meetings and don’t have enough space in their bags. It can slip in so easily and the input ports and connection options are not that limited. Pico projectors for tutors are becoming increasingly popular these days and professors too have started using them.


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