Moodle Cloud Hosting- An Introduction

Moodle is a learning management software system designed with a dream to help employees and students gain knowledge online. This happens with the creation of courses online that promotes communication for users through the construction of shared content.

What does Moodle Cloud Really Offer?

These days cloud computing has become a major source of development for business houses. It provides a perfect platform with innumerable resources that are reliable, secure and scalable. This feature has somewhat transformed the IT work culture. Users registered with Moodle cloud have all the facilities and features on the cloud. Moodle cloud hosting removes all the problems that were earlier faced by the traditional hosting methods.

It offers the users a vigorous hosting solution that comes with rich resources. The users also have a choice to scale the resources as per their requirement. The resources are available on Moodle cloud as pay-per-use model basis. As an individual, it will be a really cheap affair if you can think about it clearly.

Features of Moodle Cloud Hosting

Given below are some of the important features of Moodle cloud hosting. Each feature is important and therefore when you select a Moodle Cloud provider you must be aware of all the features before jumping to any conclusion.

#1. Flexible Resources

When you host Moodle in the cloud then you are relieved from any concern of a failed server. This is because Moodle clouds are a group of servers that provide backup to the website that you own. Therefore, you will always get a stable working setting, especially during the heavy traffic hours on the internet. The bandwidth and memory of the Moodle cloud is also flexible and users can make use of it according to their requirements.

Moodle Cloud Hosting
Moodle Cloud Hosting

#2. Metered Pricing

The traditional hosting servers usually give their resources on rent, but Moodle cloud hosting provides its users with most of the resources based on metered pricing. A user will only be charged for a resource if they utilize it at all.

#3. Prevent Threats

Web security is a major concern these days and it is given proper importance on Moodle cloud hosting. Your domain will never be vulnerable to any kind of threat when you have Moodle because they offer the highest level of encryption, security audit and modules etc. for your website and company.

#4. Adaptable Interface

When hosting on Moodle cloud always remember that you will be offered extra flexibility for your website. You can customize the environment on the cloud as per your needs. Moodle cloud is always updated with the latest tools to help you tune to the required environment. You can enjoy infinite memory and quota with the help of Moodle cloud.

#5. 24*7 Support

If you face any technical error, query or problem at any point of the day, the experts from Moodle cloud hosting are there to help you 24 hours and 7 days. You can always expect your problems to get sorted out in no time at all. Moodle will also manage and monitor your server on a daily basis if you choose to do so. They are also proficient in system administration so that your domain remains live at all times.

Will hosting on Moodle cloud be sufficient for your business? Well, if it is Moodle, then it really is possible. This is because you get all the new resources that were otherwise unavailable to you during traditional hosting. Traditional hosting until now may have also cost you high. With a cloud hosting, you are guaranteed to have a smooth ride even amidst the heaviest of internet traffic. This is the reason why it is the most favorite among the business houses these days.

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