Mobile Content Marketing: 5 Tactics for 2020

The ever-developing world of mobile devices presents innovations in quick successions. This makes marketers look for new ways to sneak their products’ promotions into those innovations. Thus, mobile marketing has to adapt with each and every change to remain practical and up-to-date. 

Content is a key component of every mobile marketing plan. It needs to be in the center of attention for a marketing team rather than being just a side project. This is why mobile content marketing also needs to go hand in hand with modern innovations. 

Mobile content marketing is much more than adjusting everything for mobile devices. Obviously, adjustment is critical but it is not nearly enough for success. Below we present five tactics for better mobile content marketing in 2020.

Tighten Up Your Voice SEO

Since your target audience are mobile users, you can not overlook voice search optimization since it is more popular among mobile users. However, this does not mean that you should abandon your standard SEO, at least not yet. 

Voice search shows tendency to become more popular year by year. It is estimated that 50% of all online searches will be through voice search in 2020. This is a decent indicator of growth. Therefore, it is worth starting your voice SEO now and have a strong one by the time it overshadows traditional search queries. 

For now, the same study mentioned above shows that up to 43% of consumers look for items to buy through voice search. Indeed, it is much easier to just say “Ok Google,” or “Siri…” rather than compose a search query.

Optimize Website Load Speed

Always bear in mind that people are impatient and will leave your website quickly if it loads too slow. But do not get too confident. Too slow can be just a couple of seconds. Thus, devote a large portion of your time and effort to optimizing your website load speed.

Use visuals that are light and load fast. Although lower quality images may take away some of that wow factor from your visuals, quick load speed makes the compromise worth it. The same applies to video content as well. Keep them as short as possible without jamming all of the information into a minute. 

If you have written content on your website, divide it into shorter paragraphs with two or three sentences. Use bold headings to grab attention. The readers will most likely skim through the paragraphs and headlines, which is why they matter the most.

Choose the Right Social Media Platform for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Do not stick with one platform for too long because people tend to change their social media habits every once in a while. Always research which social media platform is trendy at the time and go with it. 

Regarding 2020, if your target audience are younger people, Facebook should not be your primary media. Younger people now use YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat more than Facebook. Therefore, concentrate more on them for better mobile content marketing strategy in 2020.


If your marketing campaigns are targeted at adults, then you should consider YouTube and Facebook more. In 2018, 73% of adults reported using YouTube and 68% Facebook on a regular basis. This number still rises and predictably the pattern will be the same in 2020.

Develop a Mobile App to Increase Your Content Engagement

Mobile applications are more popular than websites now mainly because they are convenient and easy to use. An app with intuitive UI will set you up for the next couple of years.

The app will benefit you by sticking to the users’ phone screens, thus reminding them of your brand and its services. Besides including a content, mobile apps can also be utilized to send push notifications whenever there is a new or special offer for customers. Moreover, the app can generate emails and phone numbers for opting in your email or SMS marketing campaigns.

You can also integrate a system for purchasing your products or services through your app. People are more likely to trust their transactions through a special app rather than through a website. Overall, this will help your content marketing to increase conversion rate as well. Of course, if your budget isn’t big enough for something quite so ambitious at this point, you can increase your content engagement in other ways. Even something as simply as posting consistently can be enough to create a following and increase engagement. By creating and following a content calendar such as Crosscap’s, your brand can draw readers in.

Get Creative with Mobile Video Marketing

Video is becoming more and more prominent these days as compared to any other type of content. The statistics about social media usage presented above show that the number of YouTube users is increasing, which fully supports this point.   

There are tons of different ways to implement video marketing. Currently, DIY and how-to tutorial videos are popular in social media. You can take advantage of this and make videos related to your company’s products or services. 

For example, if you are a mobile phone retailer, you can make video reviews of the new mobile device. If your budget allows, you can also conduct several waterproof or damage tests to create a more engaging content. Video content marketing will add to your brand awareness and give some credibility to your company.

Final Thoughts

Contrary to popular belief, mobile content marketing is more than just optimizing the same content for mobile users. There are various strategies and actions to take for maximizing the potential of content marketing. Missing out on any of those steps can worth the success of your campaigns. Hence, pay attention to each and every point when implementing your campaigns. After all, mobile users receive your content from a different perspective and your job is to make your marketing message get through it.

Artyom Matevosyan is a content writer in text message marketing industry. Having his major in English & Communications, Artyom is passionate about writing. His writing is always backed up by thorough research above anything else—facts first, narratives second.