Mobile App Developments Trends to Look Out for in 2018

2017 is at the verge of a happy tech-farewell as we have seen some insane digital innovations in its span. Not only that, the year has been high on technological amalgamations leading to products with much better and efficient utilities. Many mobile app development companies in India  as well have been in the race that have produced significant results in 2017.

As mobile app development is trending high with a tremendous scope of new discoveries; it seems the baton of innovation and collaborative technologies is all set to advance to upcoming years. So what are some of the most promising areas in mobile app development with widest possibilities in the year 2018? Let’s find out:

Internet of Things (IoT)

One of the most popular, disruptive technologies we have come across in the past few of years is Internet of Things (IoT). Almost everyone in the mobile and software development industry wants to explore the limits of IoT. We mean who wouldn’t be fascinated with the idea of Home-Automation making lives simpler.

But then, thanks to recent advancements in data science and analytics; IoT has come far enough from being a mere tool for Home-Automation. At present, we have IoT in everything from traffic control to automated driving, personal health to digital healthcare, demand & supply to inventory management, and much more. And with all the big players like Google, Facebook, and Tesla already pouring everything into it; IoT is without doubt the next big thing in 2018 and probably years to come.

Mobile Payments

Since the outbreak of smartphones in the market in past few years, businesses & enterprises have been trying to deal directly with their customers through mobile apps. But due to separate payment options and procedure in almost every app, there has been lack of a liaison that users could find credible enough.


Well, not anymore. With the help of mobile payment solutions, they can finally say that they have succeeded. From developed countries like US, UK to developing countries like India, China have also adopted mobile payment solutions. Headquartered in the city of gardens, mobile app development companies in Bangalore, like Paytm and PhonePe, with their consolidated payment solutions, have got more and more people migrating from traditional cash and electronic payment to digital payment instruments. Especially during the demonetization phase. And this is the reason why more and more investors are trying to get their feet wet in the mobile payments space.

Decentralized Applications (D-Apps)

After the Chinese Dragon’s failed attempt to bring down the crypto-currency by banning its trade in the country, Bitcoin has come up stronger than ever. With a market capitalization of more than $185 billion, Bitcoin is smashing its own records every single day, in terms of value.

Consequently, we are seeing innovators and investors from all around the world, build their innovations on top of blockchain platform. This has led to abundance of Decentralized Applications that are reshaping the mobile applications & software scenario like never before. Cherry on top, products like Ripple are backed by tech-giants like Google. As expected, people are readily adopting blockchain solutions from day 1, which is quite apparent from these D-Apps’ Initial Coin Offering (ICO) collections.


Lead Generation for businesses has been quite an issue. Getting prospective customers to share relevant information without invading their personal space seemed a daunting task. But with the advent of Chatbots, Lead Generation is all smooth-sailing now. What’s more is that not only these Chatbots collect lead data, they organize it in a much more conspicuous manner.


Also, most of the smartphone messengers like Facebook, Telegram, Google Allo, have deployed these ‘bots’ to grease up the chatting experience for users. In messenger apps, this tiny little feature is in charge of coming up with relevant media files, location and text-based suggestions, and much more.

Apart from the globally popular apps, mobile app development company India such as Hike Messenger is also equipped with chatbot feature.

So if by now you are already wondering what this tiny invention is up to, let’s say quite much as according to a recent survey, the market capitalization of Chatbots is poised to reach $3172 million by 2021 and $1.25 billion by 2025.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that machine learning and artificial intelligence are en-route laying the foundation of future. The way machine learning and AI have revolutionized the collection of customer data and preferences; it is quite expected to see big money pouring in to these technologies.

And now, with some of the biggest tech-enterprises like Google, Microsoft, Baidu, and more, relying heavily on machine learning and AI, it is almost certain that these technologies are going to remain hot in years to come; 2018 indeed.

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