How to Make Money from Content Curation

Billions of people use the Internet daily, whether for entertainment or simply due to their work requirements. With an ever-growing online population, the source of information is getting bigger each year, and the Internet keeps evolving into a beautiful mess of big data, to the point that we can no longer distinguish between what is real and what is a mere tease.

This is precisely where the content curation comes in handy. By examining the gathered material, the content curator can put all the puzzles together and make content that actually matters and which the audiences like. It takes talent and skill to really master this technique, but once conquered, it can be quite a lucrative opportunity.
What Does Being a Content Curator Mean?



Look at the content curator profession this way – it eases people’s searches by giving them precisely what they are looking for. A valid solution is hard to choose when there are too many available choices and numerous promising experts showing a correct path. Hence, the content curators research all of the information until they create a unique content based on real-time and accurate data.
Basically, you collect only the finest content to provide readers immediate and clear answers. And the best part is that curated content can be monetized by using well-organized information for a specific audience and application.
The more niche-specific the content is, the easier it gets to monetize it. After all, it takes knowledge and experience to become an expert in the subject matter, so content curators follow and respect the topic, provide in-depth opinions, and valuable information.
That being said, content curation is not a copy-paste job. Content curators spend a lot of hours in exploring, understanding the topic and write fresh, informative content. Also, the most important thing to remember throughout the whole process is the target audience who will be reading this type of information.
How to Monetize Your Content Curation


Let’s start with the basics. The content will end up on the website or a personal blog for everyone’s delight and unlimited access. So, what are effective methods to make a living out of content curation?




Links and Sharing
Links and sharing play a big part in the content promotion process. For example, Andy Traub from, the product reviews writer and a teacher of their usage, claims that success depends on the unique voice and people’s trust. And the audience trusted his content curation enough to purchase the products he recommended.
So, one formula to make money off content curation is being real with the reviews and sharing links over popular social media platforms. Nonetheless, be sure to explain to readers why you have included particular links. Not only will this project you as trustworthy, but it will also encourage people to comment and share their opinions.
Visibility and Credibility
Another option to quickly find your audience is to apply the cloud-based learning management system approach. It is believed that knowledge sharing and content curation will gain prominence in the coming days. A cloud-based learning management system offers the ability to immediately filter and clear unwanted and inappropriate keywords as well as to remove duplicate content. It grants you control over all your material and enables sharing.
Furthermore, you can automate and streamline your content across the web or curate content manually and display it on the mutual board in order for trainees to learn the content curation essentials. That is right, not only can you use LMS content curation to support corporate training, but you can also build a scalable and large business network. So, hurry up and book your spot in the cloud.

Build an Audience
Once you have enough people reading your work, you can start thinking about all the ways in which you can squeeze a few extra bucks out of your work. When the audience notices the content, so do the companies that are ready to pay for the promotion of their products or services. This is why you should use the attention to get sponsors and start generating revenue.

Time for Banner Ads
Draw readers in with your content and then make some profit by displaying ads. The ads can be about the products or services you sell or you can sell the ad space on your site via the help of third party services. Likewise, if there is an issue of gathering the much-needed audience, you can buy ad space to promote your work.

Premium Membership
While you want to please the masses, there needs to be something a creator gets in return. For that reason, it is only fair to charge the readers for premium content while everything else remains within the public domain.

Email Marketing
Ads and sponsor promotion is great, however, you can also capitalize on an email campaign. As the content curation provides one source of revenue, you can use it to gather and create email lists and send promotional material to loyal fans. Email marketing is always a reliable approach, whether you promote your own goods or the product/service of other businesses.

Google AdSense
Use the power of Google AdSense to increase revenue in any type of website. As mentioned before, ads are profitable, still, Google AdSense is something special. The ads will be relevant and you will not have to look for third party providers to assist you in attracting advertisers. With the use of this system, you can easily promote the curated content by inserting AdSense or other ads directly into the content or on your home page.

At the end, you can always ask for donations. After all, what is the use of so many subscribers, if you can’t cash it in? If the content is valuable, then feel free to make the site open for donations. The readers will not be able to turn their back to quality, hence, they can contribute by pitching in some tips.
Those who have just started with content curation shouldn’t feel discouraged if building a target audience seems hard at the beginning. Find the field you want to explore and get a deep insight on the topic in question. Be sure to write with a unique voice and wait for a while until results begin to show. There are many options to consider once you have built an audience. Pick your top choice and start earning from well-curated content.

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