Machine Learning and How The Industries Are Affected

Today, with the amazing technological growth, which the world has seen over the years, one technology is secretly making a name for itself, despite being a subdomain. The name of the technology is called “Machine Learning” and it has its own niche which is helping both the aspirants and the techies. Irrespective of the work associated, this machine learning technology has ensured that the effectiveness of the job stays intact. The growth rate of this subject has been one of the dominant ones and thus a lot of institutes have popped to give machine learning course to the aspirants.

But, how did machine learning has gathered up over the years and how does it help the students to achieve a glowing career in their respective field. Let us do some research and find out:

A: More than a Substitute For Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is regarded as one of the giants, as far as the software industry is considered. But, with the emergence of machine learning, will it be getting replaced? Absolutely Not! The emergence of machine learning will only make the hold of artificial intelligence stronger over its counterparts. Though, artificial intelligence training is now on the rise, machine learning is regarded as its adjoining counterpart and plays a substantial hand in directing the growth of the companies.

Machine Learning has enabled the correct predictions of data which is based on the methods it is using constantly, i.e. Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning and Reinforcement Learning. This fragment of artificial intelligence is totally based on drawing logical patterns making it to draw experience from the previous experience and work on that manner.

1. How Algorithm Forms The Crux of Machine Learning

Every company, software or non-software, big or small, has the tendency to capture data. Once data is captured, it needs to be maintained and managed properly, which is done by artificial intelligence and machine learning. With the help of these software’s, the enormous amount of data, which the company gathers up is evaluated and thus make data-predictions quite possible.

2. Few Current Applications Of Machine Learning

One of the limited use of data science has been the image recognition process, a concept generally used for security purposes. Other than image recognition, a lot of other techniques are at the helm of machine learning. A few of them are:

  1. Autonomous Driving
  2. Face Recognition
  3. Speech Recognition
  4. Speech Processing
  5. Intelligent Bots
  6. Automatic Translation
  7. Automatic Transcription

And there are many more….

B. Other Industries Using Machine Learning

Though the software industries are at the feet of machine learning in order to make changes and also prediction processes. Some of these industries are:

#1 Stock Market:

After the revolutionary invention of machine learning, Forbes reports that around 62% of the modern established companies today have been digitized. The advent of this technology has made these stock marketing agencies to predict the market, for instance, it can inform the stakeholders about the behavior of the market and the effect of the economy on the stocks of that particular company. Not only, there has been an all-round development of the industry, but also both the counterparts have been growing financially.

#2 Telecommunications

One of the prime branches which is using the concept of machine learning. But until recently, this branch doesn’t have the exact tools to process the information which is required to make the operations awesome. A few things in which machine learning has really helped the telecommunications industry:

  1. Revenue Models
  2. Reduce Operational Cost
  3. Heeding to the needs of Customer

Also, ML has helped the telecommunication industry to optimize itself like resurrecting its mobile towers, and many more.

C. Honorable Mentions Of Industry Which Uses Machine Learning

1. Cyber security

2. Food and Beverage

3. Governments

4. Social Media

Machine learning has been a growing technology. After being recognized across the world, it has been utilized by every company, irrespective of its reach.

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