Latest Cybersecurity Technology and Awareness to Protect Your Online Information

People put a lot of information on the internet. From credit card information and online shopping to very personal information whether on social media or otherwise, and even simple as emails between colleagues and conversations in chat rooms like Whatsapp, is cause for concern for the average user.

In the 2016 presidential elections and following it many people’s financial data being affected by cyber breaches became the talk of the town.

A lot of us still forget to protect our online data from hackers and different online attacks. When you think from a hacker’s point of view you’ll be able to understand what would interest hackers and cyber criminals. Just like changes come in real life, your data privacy and cybersecurity may take on different priorities as well.

So who should you be worried about? Here are a few of people you should always be aware of, that may attack your information.

Professional Hackers:

Hackers can attack any system. They can put a virus or ransom ware on your computer by simply hacking your social media with spam. Money and financial reward is behind almost every criminal hacker’s mindset.

What you should do:
Your best bet against them would be to lock your systems up and back up your data to make it difficult to get to.

Marketers and Businesses:

Nearly all your personal information is available on the internet for various third parties to get access to. Public records allow them to know what you like to watch on Netflix or what political preferences you have. Third parties can track your every move and personalize different marketing material by spamming whenever they want to.

What you should do:
Encrypt to protect your identity on different platforms and cookies preferences.


More and more citizens are becoming concerned about the U.S. government and what it does with personal information and citizen’s lives. With all the secret documents and leaks coming out recently, more and more citizens that are becoming skeptical about the U.S. government and its involvement in personal citizen’s’ life. But if you look at the grand scheme of things, other countries have a much worse track records regarding collecting people’s private data.

What you should do:
With all the secret documents and leaks that have made the rounds on the internet you should protect your computer and information safe.

Return On Investment (ROI) in Your CyberSecurity Environment:

It is the job of every corporate executive to make the right decisions to invest by comparing costs and benefits to understand their Return on Investment or ROI. Finding ways to keep cost down while getting the most out of your protection against cybersecurity breaches is a struggle for most businesses. To make matters worse, some organizations are setting up complex systems and defense mechanisms that can make ROI unquantifiable.

Financial impact of a cybersecurity breach can be detrimental to any organization. There are costs involved with cyber breaches such as monitoring systems and incident response software. In actuality, it is not the attack that is costly, but the expense involved in identifying, and resolving the issue before it has a chance to cause any damage. But these expenses can be easily measured.

What you should do:
Most of the Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) is used to understand the actual problem, the remainder being spent on corrective measures to resolve the problem. You can use the formula Annual Cost of Incidents X Reduced Time to Resolution (%) = Annual Savings that can translate into potentially saving about 50-75 percent with your tools.

Reason of Internet Speed Issues:

You may get a slow internet connection even when you pay for a high-speed connection such as DSL or cable. The reason is the internet is built on hundreds of different technologies communicating with one another, and so data can slow down before reaching your computer. It could be your Internet Service Provider (ISP), but there could be other factors too. Some of them are within your control and can be resolved with a little DIY effort. So if you want speed get Spectrum Internet that will take care of all your online needs.

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What you should do:
Call your ISP. Others you can resolve by yourself.

It is but natural to have anxiety when it comes to cyber-security, but it is your worrying that will guide your protection. You can mix and match cyber-security technologies using Tor browsers, encrypted text and data apps to turn on basic security layers to protect your social media and online presence. If the communication is not too sensitive you can take minimal cyber-security measures. But do protect your financial data by using virtual private networks and security-enhancing tools when putting up financial information online.

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