Know The Top 7 Link Building Techniques And Their Benefits

What do you expect out of your website this year? Is it more organic traffic, six-figure income or tons of email subscribers? Whatever be your expectations, you need to remember that the future is uncertain, and especially, if you are in the Google’s world, you can never predict what would happen next. Hence, it is better to keep your core stronger, so that none of the upcoming updates could ruin your reputation online.

This could be effectively done by focusing on algorithm proof link building strategies that help you gain the following benefits –

Grab huge exposure to other allied industry authorities

Attract thousands of new readers

Increase referral traffic

Boost domain & page authority

Improve brand authority and visibility

Investment in links stays forever

Higher conversion rates

Aren’t these benefits appealing enough to invest all of your expertise, knowledge and talent in building quality links? If yes, you should scroll down and learn all the major strategies that will help your business grow –

1. Newsjacking

Creating content and expecting it to become viral instantly is not an easy task. Hence, why not use an already viral topic for your next content? This is newsjacking, as you are using a topic that people are already talking about. If you also create an engaging content on the same topic, new readers will be attracted towards your post, thereby generating more business.

2. Moving Man Method

This method is similar to broken link building but is not exactly the same. When companies or websites discontinue their services or undergo a rebranding, the URLs get redirected without letting the sites know that linked to the original URL. The links are not dead or broken; they are simply redirected. Finding the moving man in Google and convincing the site owners to replace the same with a link your site, will instantly help you build quality links.

3. Link Reclamation

This technique generally works for companies that are a huge brand in the industry, and people love to write or mention about them. So, you only need to search for your ‘mentions’ in someone’s article online. The moment you find the same, you can get the perfect opportunity to get a link. No matter, the mention is without a link, with incorrect links or with broken links, you should ask the site owner to link to your site.

4. Content Syndication

This is one of the most effective techniques, wherein you need not to take much pain in gaining hhigh-qualitylinks. This activity involves providing your existing content to third party sites, which will take the initiative to republish as well as promote the content online. Thus, most of the businesses that outsource Link Building Services In India vouch for content syndication, as there is practically no work needed from your end. The only thing that is required is to make sure that the existing content is engaging enough to get huge traffic, likes and shares.

5. Competitor Backlinks

This technique is the smartest of all, as your competitors will do the hard work and you will simply follow them. All you need to do is to keep an eye on the backlinks of your competitor and the type of content they produce. Depending on that, create a similar content (a better version, of course) and pitch the same to the sites that linked to your competitors. This way, you’ll get the same link too.

6. Ego Bait

Also known as influencer marketing, ego bait refers to building a relationship with websites that attract high traffic and have high authority. Offer them an engaging content that motivates them (the influencers) to show interest in your article. Once it is done, they will instantly link to the content as well as share the same with their audience.

7. Guestographics

Guest posting plus infographics is guestographics. When you combine a great content with added value (infographics) and targeted outreach, it results in high-quality links. Using this technique in an effective manner, nothing can prevent the site owner from getting convinced and publishing your work. So, you get a chance to boost the organic traffic by multiple times.


Neither the future, nor your website’s backlinks are predictable. Hence, it is ideal to focus over high quality links and improving the user experience. This strategy will greatly work for you in the current as well upcoming years. So, do invest your efforts in the same!!

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