Key Tips on What to Do If You Drop Your Device in Water

Your electronic devices are delicate when it comes to water and unfortunately there are times when you may accidently drop it into a sink, toilet or even a puddle. Because of this it can really cause a lot of stress, especially if you’ve paid a lot for your device. If you’ve done this recently, here are the top tips on what to do when you drop your device in water.  Let’s get started.


  1. Turn off the power: It can be tempting to turn on your phone to see if it still works but avoid doing this. You’ll be causing more harm than good once you press the on/off button. Turning it on will cause electrical charges to run through the device. This might cause your device to short-circuit, and it’ll make your situation more complicated to handle later on. But if your device is still turned on after it was wet, immediately turn it off. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just turn off your device. You can remove the batteries (if possible) or forcedly press the on/off button. You just have to make sure that it’s turned off as soon as possible to not worsen the damage.
  1. Keep the electronics from getting wet: The electronics is the most vital part of your device, and even a drop of water here can create significant damages to your device. This is where you store all of your files, and it’s what keeps your device running. To avoid water from getting into this part, keep your screen pointing upwards. Hold this position as long as you can. Gravity will work with you in this process and can keep more water from getting near your screen.
  1. Use a drying agent: Put your device in a drying agent in an airtight container. Purchase Silica Gels and use this as your drying agent. Not only are they cheap but they are proven to be effective in drying out wet devices.


Note: The rice hack doesn’t work. It’s never considered a drying agent, and because these are too small, it can easily get on your device. This alone can create another problem. You don’t want to address another problem when there’s still one at hand, right?

Don’t wait for days deciding whether or not to do any of the things suggested here. Keep in mind that the longer you wait, the lesser chances your device can be saved. Act as quickly as possible. However, if nothing still works even after doing all of these things, there are still available options for you:


  1. Send your device for repairs: When you get too frustrated and you don’t know what to do anymore, it’s best to send your device for repairs. Mobile device repair shops like BuzzTech is the best options to ask for help when your device is wet. These types of companies have years of experience in dealing with cases like these, and they’ll know what to do with yours. Search for several mobile repair company within your area and ask quotes for their services. Some companies guarantee to save your device within minutes, as long as you give your device to them no longer than two hours after the accident.
  1. Sell your device: There are various online platforms out there where you can sell your damaged devices. You might not get a lot of money from it, but it’s better than getting zero at all. The money you earn here can be used to buy a new device when technicians from your chosen mobile repair company can no longer save your wet device.
  1. Purchase a new device: This is the easiest but most expensive solution to your problem. You can stay away from the hassles of waiting for repairs and doing all methods to save your device by just simply buying a new device.



Accidents like these happen, and most of the time, the consequences are frustrating and expensive. You don’t have to worry because as long as you act immediately, there will always be a solution to problems like these. You just have to take this situation as a learning experience and be careful next time. Have you dropped your device in water recently?

Rhett is the owner of BuzzTech. A leading specialist of phone and tablet repairs in Victoria. With 3 stores and more on the way, the team at Buzztech offers on the spot repairs in 5-15 minutes. With their HQ in Geelong Victoria, Rhett is opening more stores all around Regional Victoria and is dedicated to delivering the best repair service in his industry.