VS Amazon: Differences Between Them (Coupon Code Inside)

Jet and Amazon are two major giants in the domain of online shopping. Over the years, both these companies have come a long way and today, they are being recognized globally.

There has always been a debate as to who is the best; Jet or Amazon?

The fact of the matter is that both of them are excellent service providers and have their own pros and cons. However, there are few major aspects in relation to both these service providers which can be the differentiating factors. In the following section, you will be offered a comparison between these two online giants

Difference between Jet and Amazon

Here are a couple of major points that needs to be mentioned when it comes to drawing a comparison between Jet and Amazon

Price: According to the user review, when it comes to price, the products of Jet can be availed at more discounted rates. One of the reasons as to why they can sell their products at a reasonably cheaper rate is due to main coupons for They offer you a discount in the first place, on top of that with the help of discount coupons the price comes down considerably

In the case of Amazon, the price is relatively higher as per user reviews and at times, no major discounts are being offered

Quality: In terms of quality, Amazon is way ahead of Jet. No matter what the product type might be, Amazon always deals in products of superior quality. They deal with the top brands available in the market and in case of any discrimination, they will be more than happy to offer an exchange

In the case of Jet, the quality of the products are not as good as they should be. According to the user reviews, there is a lot of room for improvement

Shipping: This is another major aspect that the users consider while ranking the quality of services. When it comes to shipping, Amazon seems to be much more organized and professional. Rarely do they miss any delivery and invariably they are on time. However, at times they are accused of charging excessive shipping charges

On the other hand, when it comes to Jet, they need to get their act together as far as shipping is concerned. There has been a lot of complains from their users when it comes to shipping. One major area of concern is that they fail to deliver on the promised date and time

These are the three main parameters on which the services of an online store are judged. It is quite evident that apart from the price factor, Amazon is way ahead of Jet. However, Amazon too has its own drawbacks which they need to work on, but the fact of the matter remains that in terms of quality and authenticity of the products, Amazon is considered to be as one of the best in the world. As far as Jet is concerned, it still has a long way to go to catch up with Amazon

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