Is 2019 Going to be the Year of the Dronie?

Are you pondering over the thought of, “What the heck is a Dronie?” Keep reading. Have you always wished for an extra pair of hands to click pictures with, or just hold the camera while you adjust the setup, lighting, effects, bokeh? Would you rather be in the frame, than outside it? This, my dear friend, is a revolutionary way to take a selfie, ahem, I mean ‘dronie’!! You combine a ‘selfie’ using a drone, and what you get is a ‘dronie’ — the mind-blowing way of taking selfies sans your hands. Even though the oldest selfie dated itself back to 1839 by Robert Cornelius, the selfie fever started to blow up in 2011 with the likes of Instagram and various other social media platforms reigning supreme.

Imagine, now, if Buzz Aldrin, who took a selfie from the moon in 1969, was equipped with a drone. What kind of imagery would we have had back then of the moon if he would have been equipped with the DJI Spark Drone! Rise Above Custom Drone Solutions is a top DJI and drone distributor in Australia that lives and breathes drones. They customise drones to meet their clients’ specific needs, building and catering high quality UAVs, along with offering aerial photography/videography solutions. It’s mind boggling to think about the level of service they provide.

Tips for clicking a dronie in 2019


Events like Family Holidays, Reunions, Weddings, Birthday Parties, Graduation, Sporting Events and several such require quality captures! Using a drone like the DJI Spark , which is a technically advanced pocket-sized drone that is designed to land safely back in your palm, can do the trick for you perfectly!  They use advanced features to enable even a beginner to use it right away. Why don’t we take a look at the essential tips to keep in mind when going from a novice drone pilot to a professional navigator?! Read on –

Practice: Get familiar with the operating manual, seek to learn from someone who can guide you well with the basics. UAVs are expensive and are fragile. You don’t want to crash land your drone in your face or off a cliff — I don’t know which is worse, when you are trying it out for the first time. Practice makes perfect. Perform continuous drills to handle your drone properly before easing it to higher ground. Check the range of shots and videos you can get with it. Take it easy and gradually build up your confidence in using your drone. Learn how to use the different effects that your drone offers like the low-level dolly to gain better shots.

Location and Weather: Choose open spaces making sure to shoot in places free from hindrances like trees, power-lines, birds, houses, air traffic. Ensure that everything is clear, like, the sky and the weather – they should be good to take off and land with no rains or winds. Make sure it’s not illegal to fly  drone in your area, lest you be dealt with as a spy. Check for permissions, time and flight restrictions of drones in your area. Your location should be scenic — think lakes, jungles (be safe!), fields, village surroundings.

Outfit: Opt for clothes that are shades of yellow or such bright colours that make you stand out if you are shooting yourself. You do not want to blend in with the surroundings. Stand out! If you do not want to be seen, and are shooting scenery, then you can blend in with your surroundings by going with earth-toned outfits.

Battery: Have a basic idea about the flight time before the battery begins to drain. Once you take off, make sure that your drone doesn’t run out of juice when you fly it far away, you need it to get back to you and land safely within stipulated time. Keep your hands steady and stay focused and confident while flying.

Flying a drone offers an entirely new user experience and is nothing like shooting with a mobile or a DSLR. It is a terrific amount of fun, and if you are a vlogger/Youtuber, don’t forget the obligatory shot of flying it away from yourself to grab amazing, dynamic and breath-taking raw footage.


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