Instagram Ads Automation Guide for 2018: How to Scale Instagram Ads with Automation

In 2018, If you are planning to work on some ambitious ideas to increase the efficiency of your Instagram marketing, you certainly need to automate your Instagram advertising. Certainly, You would like to reach new audiences that are supposed to follow your business after being impressed just because of your automated advertising strategies.

So, it seems very attractive but it can be risky at times if your marketers do not deal with the automation objectives with optimal care. Therefore, it is necessary to get familiar with all the pros and cons of the automated approach to Instagram marketing.

First of all, you have to be aware of the risks that may tease you when you are thinking about saying bye to manual marketing activities. When you handle the tasks manually, you have full control on your marketing strategy but when the things are automated, you have to be more attentive to achieve your goals.

Your brand image important to you and you cannot let an automated algorithm harm your brand identity. Supposing that the marketers handle the risks efficiently, the automated marketing campaign provides you a number of features great features.




Without any need for a large workforce, just have an automated platform to deal with the ads and you would have more time to focus on what is more important. Moreover, Automated advertising can be helpful in targeting the people that are interested in your business. With the help of this feature, you may set and reset your target to reach your audience.

Keeping every effort in a right direction, you have a great chance to get real followers who are likely to be more active in the near future. It is done normally by empowering your brand image. If we talk in terms of data analysis and management, Managing a large advertising data is a tiring task while automation advertising saves time and energy that can be used in performing a more important task.

Finally, one of the most important required features of an effective automated advertising is performance tracking of the ads. When the marketing campaign is fully automated, you must have full control to change, analyze, or optimize the performance of the ads.

In the competitive scenario of the Instagram advertising, you need to scale your marketing campaign at every step of the decision-making process. It is more important when you are going to make yourself dependent on automated reports, facts, and analytics.

Tracking the performance of your ad is vital to set future goals while any of your ads may be the best performer or it is also possible the ad is causing a threat to your overall marketing campaign. Thus, it is essential to scale the Instagram advertising in terms of maximum ROI and minimum threats for the business.

Automated advertising may help you in tracking the performance of your Instagram advertising campaign where you are allowed to do it with fewer efforts.


Ad campaign scaling is the prime need of today’s marketers and they are working on fresh ideas to make it possible with the help of automated tasks. Most importantly, reports and analytics are needed as the main expectation of the marketing professionals. Thus, automated reports are essentially used by the experts to manage all the task at one spot.

Moreover, such reports and analytics are vital in the decision-making process as well. When you wish to track the performance of the ad, you have to pay more attention to the creativity level of your ads because of the visual nature of the Instagram advertising. Automated advertising may make a great comparison when you wish to know which visual presentations are most suitable to provide you positive results.

Additionally, When you have overall performance reports and analytics on your table, it is easy for you to compare the performances of your ads and also, you may eliminate, change, or improve the ads that are not meeting your expectations.

Instagram Ads Automation

While scaling the overall performance of the ads, the marketing professionals do not ignore Competitor analysis that is the main aspect for Tracking the ads from the same areas. This is going to be in main focus in the next year as well. It means you have to look at the efforts made by your competitors to set achievable goals.

Significant growth was observed in the number of Instagram users in 2017 and this fact has inspired them to run the marketing campaign using Instagram ads. The most important and eye-catching trend for the marketers is the changing behavior of the Instagram users that have started to use it as their business platform and this is indeed good news for the businesses that are interested in Instagram advertising in 2018. Thus, Instagram was used as the hot spot for social media marketing and this trend is not going to change in the upcoming year as well.

Finally, millions of the people are using Instagram and the number of the users is increasing quickly. This situation is favorable for the social media marketing professionals and they hardly would like to miss the miss the chance to add some more loyal customers to their business. Therefore, it is vital to set the new goals for the Instagram advertising campaign and it is not possible with the manual advertising.

This is the premier reason that the present situation is forcing today’s marketing professionals to prefer automated marketing style. As a result, most of the businesses are trying to convert their marketing strategy into an automated advertising in terms of tracking the performance of the overall marketing objectives. Finally, 2018 has arrived and we do not have to wait for more for witnessing the current Instagram advertising trends.

Cofounder & Director of a Marketing Automation startup Xplanck, previously Co-founded an EduTech startup EOS Edu Ventures and recently launched a Marketing Automation software called Adyogi for prominent E-commerce players.