How To Use Shoppable Instagram Posts To Sell On Social Media

Instagram is a powerful social media platform for connecting with potential customers.

According to Instagram, 90% of its users follow at least one business, and nearly half of active Instagram users polled said they shop on the platform on a weekly basis.

Instagram shoppable posts can help your business get in front of more potential customers because consumers use Instagram to connect with brands and shop on a regular basis. 

From how they work to how to use them, here’s everything you need to know about Instagram shoppable posts.

Instagram Shoppable Posts – An Overview

Instagram shoppable posts allow you to sell products directly from the feeds of your followers. Users can shop from your brand’s videos and photos on Instagram by tagging your products in a post. 

Shoppers can explore, purchase, and check out without exiting the app, so the discovery and buying process takes place entirely on Instagram.

How to Sell on Instagram Using Shoppable Instagram Posts

Remember that shoppable Instagram posts should be part of your general content plan.

Make sure your shoppable articles follow the same brand and style as the rest of your content. 

1. Make The Best Use Of User-Generated Content

Think about incorporating user-generated content into your social media marketing strategy.

According to Adweek, consumers trust user-generated content 76% more than branded advertising. You can also add instagram feed on shopify to increase brand awareness and sales.

Repost pictures that your consumers have shared and tagged your brand in, and then turn them into shoppable items by adding your own tags. Of course, request permission to repost the photo and credit the customer in the post.

Collaboration on an influencer post can also help your Instagram shoppable post sales strategy. 

Having an influencer talk about your products and share them with the right audience is a powerful endorsement that can drive sales.

2. Leverage Influencer Content

Using posts from consumers is a great way to organically add shopping tags to your post. Consumers trust influencers much more than brands, according to studies, and these posts serve as social proof, i.e., credibility and validation for the brand.

Influencer posts can also help you improve your Instagram sales strategy. Collaborations and sponsorships with influencers have nearly supplanted conventional advertisements and are now an essential part of social media strategies.

According to a 2020 post from Instagram’s creator account, 55% of fashion shoppers have purchased a fashion item after seeing it promoted on the platform.

A mark of approval from an Instagram influencer can go a long way towards increasing revenue from your Instagram shoppable images.

3. Utilize Instagram Hashtags

Don’t forget about hashtags. Posts that include keywords receive more interaction than those that do not.

You can use up to 30 hashtags in your Instagram post, but the corporate-backed Instagram Creators account recommends using three to five hashtags per post.

Include a branded hashtag, such as your brand’s name, on all of your posts so that customers can search for and find your company. 

Consider relevant hashtags that customers may use to search for your products, and research your competitors to keep up with trends.

4. Update Your Visuals

It is significant to ensure that your graphic content is of high quality when displaying your goods with Instagram Shoppable images. Videos and stories with low-quality visuals will not help you increase sales.

If you don’t want your followers to scroll past your content due to low-quality images and videos, use good photo and video editing software. 

For the best results, shoot your content in good lighting. Make your products stand out and attract your audience by using attractive backdrops and settings.

5. Show Your Products In Action

Showing Instagram shoppable posts and stories in action is one way to increase sales. Whether you want to sell clothes, home decor, shoes, or bags, demonstrating their use is a good way to market them.

By displaying your products in appropriate settings, you can show your audience how they can use the products and persuade them with visual content marketing.

6. Track Your Shoppable Post Performance

Keep track of which posts generate the most sales. Keep track of impressions and engagement. This data assists you in identifying the posts that your customers want so that you can reinvest your time in what is working.

Shoppable Instagram posts are a visually appealing, dynamic way to increase engagement and sales. 

According to YOTPO, at least 30% of consumers have purchased directly as a result of an Instagram post, so shoppable posts can become an important part of your social media marketing strategy.

Wrapping Up!

As with all of your social media marketing efforts, you should track performance data to see what works best and use that to inform future posts.

Regardless of the products you sell, digging into your analytics allows you to better understand your audience’s desires, improve your content, and ultimately help you drive more traffic and sales.

Selling on Instagram provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to reach users at all stages of the buyer journey in a seamless manner.

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