How to Turn the Customers into Influencers?

In the era of bottleneck competition, marketing is one such factor that can decide the fate of a business! Ever changing face of marketing demands the innovative and adept strategies to counter the rivalry. Influencer marketing is a novel concept that identifies a potent tool in the play field of the customer base and helps in reaping the desired results.

The biggest advantage of customer influencer is that it saves a lot of time, energy, and effort that  otherwise is bound to get consumed in the course of researching and concluding the various factors needful in order to cater to the customer satisfaction.

Considering the current scenario, the technological advancement has revolutionized the customer-supplier interaction! Where the traditional mode of marketing was limited to the brand ambassador, the modular ways of social media have bolstered the direct channel between the customer and the supplier. The brownie points can easily be secured by turning the customer into the influencer! The pointer that makes us hit the nail over the head is ‘how to do it’? Delivering quality speaks volume about itself and is the ultimate way to achieve the customer influencers.

Besides that, the simpler ways of achieving the above-stated goal are as follows:

1. Rewards:

One simple push factor is to offer the adequate rewards to the influencer for referring and advancing the product in the later market, i.e. to the subsequent buyers/customers. The reward does not necessarily involve the monetary incentive; rather it can be in the form of discount, gifts, points etc. The recourse of allotting the points does create a chain based network that provides the fuel to keeps the cycle moving.

2. Feedback Platform:

Providing the feedback platform via diverse channels not only creates a personalized connection with the customer but generates a positive sentiment among the public for it is very natural that the customer community is likely to relate with the opinion of its own group member than a celebrity endorsing it. Showcasing the collective reviews of the customers serves the intention of building a robust marketing

3. Acknowledging the contribution:

The award ceremony or honor giving is a significant course of action to incorporate the influencer as a part of the business. Infusing the appreciation and encouragement for the contribution rendered work wonders. Recognition of certain acts and tasks becomes the impetus for the customer influencer to raise its bar of performing in and for the best interest of the organization.

4. Holding Contests:

Conduct of marketing based innovative contest is another lucrative option to bring the ball to the court. To be precise, by organizing certain events and contests, customers are advertently motivated to perform par excellence with regard to the extensive propagation and marketing of the product.

Listing the key advantages of turning the customers into influencers:

Cost Effective: The primary advantage of making the customer a part of the marketing strategy is that it is a cost-effective option which can easily be exercised in the limited budget plan. Productive Channel: It tends to outreach the audience than the conventional modes used to materialize/deliver.

Enhances the scope to improvise: Seeking the direct customer feedback about the product/service from the customer itself increases the scope of bringing improvement; for it brings the clarity over the areas that need rectification. As they say, quality speaks for itself and there is no replacement for it.

Authentic Source: Making use of ‘user-generated content’ in the website or other social media platforms signals the audience that the product has already passed the litmus test and is not an
exaggerated propaganda.

Focused Approach: Is it imperative for any kind of business to sink within and find the comprehensive/in-depth detail about its target audience, boundary, competitors, and other relevant external factors. Post researching, the actual implementation of the plan and policy act as a game changer, as to how we coordinate between the plan and its execution.

One of the major plus points of customer influencer strategic marketing is that it embarks its process of identifying the actual audience and filters the unrelated assemblage in the very beginning. The inbound marketing is the core essence of the influencer marketing which is highly effective and speedy in contrast to the older means of marketing.

Long-term Sustainability: The strategic move of turning customers into influencers ensures the long-term Sustainability and helps in forming a solid base foundation. The prevalence, clarity, and participation among the audience with regard to the product marketing cause/engender to procure a genuine goodwill which is of paramount importance to any firm. Creation of a brand: A brand is created as a by-product of the incessantly smooth existence of the organization. When a business reaches a stage where it is sufficiently known in order to be called as a brand, new dimensions get opened for it.


Conclusion: Customer influencer marketing is swiftly gaining popularity and significance over the period of time. Apart from having innumerable benefits of turning customer into influencers, it is somewhat becoming a need for every organization changing its status from merely being a choice. It would be in the best interest of every entity to realize the hidden potential of customer influencer marketing and harness its power to take a leap over the rest.

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