How to Migrate Emails From Yahoo to Office 365 Account?

It is obvious that applications are improvising their standards and user requirements to the next level. Users want to migrate the database to some other email application if they are not satisfied with the one they are using. Yahoo Mail is also one such email client that does not match the requirements of users in a proper way. 

So, in order to have an easy to use and effective features application, one must switch to Office 365 from Yahoo Mail. 

Now queries like how to migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365 arises. To solve this query, I am going to discuss various techniques in this blog to migrate Yahoo to Office 365 account.

Methods to Migrate Emails From Yahoo to Office 365

Conversion between email clients has become a trend among users nowadays. They keep on switching between applications due to any reason. One such email client migration process asked by users Yahoo to Office 365. Therefore, to get the solution to this query, I have discussed various helpful tips that a user can use to do the same.

1.Export Yahoo Mail to Office 365 Manually

One thing that you must keep in mind that there is no direct solution available to perform Yahoo to O365 migration. This method divided into two parts that are: first export Yahoo Mail to Office 365 via the Outlook method and after that import exported yahoo email to Office 365 account.

Convert Yahoo Mail to Office 365 via Outlook’s PST file

In order to import Yahoo emails to Office 365 via Outlook data file format, a user needs to execute the steps given below:

  1. Start from changing the Account Security of Yahoo Mail, enable Allow apps that use the less secure sign-in option.
  2. Now open MS Outlook and navigate to File >> Info >> Add Account >> Manually Configure Server Settings. After that click Next to continue
  3. Afterwards, choose the POP3 or IMAP option from the Add New Account window and click on Next to continue
  4. Here, enter all credentials i.e. Yahoo email address and password. If you do not want to be prompted each time you log in, check the Remember Password option
  5. In the incoming mail server field, enter and in the outgoing server field, enter
  6. After that, go to More Settings option. In the POP and IMAP Account Settings, type a name for the account.
  7. Now select the Outgoing Server tab and check the Use Same Settings as My Incoming Mail Server and My SMTP Requires Authentication options
  8. After that, open the Advanced tab and for the POP3 server, enter 995 and for the SMTP server, enter 465. Select SSL as the encryption and the This Server Requires an Encrypted Connection option,
  9. Then, click on OK >> Next button and then click on the Finish option. After that, Exit and Restart Outlook.
  10. Finally, click on the Send/Receive tab and choose Send/Receive All Folders option. All of your Yahoo emails are now present in Outlook.
  11. In last, navigate to the default location to confirm if the exported yahoo file is saved or not.

Transfer Exported Yahoo Email to Office 365 Account

To migrate the resultant Outlook data file to Office 365 account, you can choose any of the methods discussed below:

Method 1: Using network upload

  1. Start from coping with the SAS URL and install Azure AzCopy on the machine.
  2. Afterward, upload all files to your Office 365 account.
  3. Now, you need to view the uploaded files to continue the process.
  4. Now, create a new import mapping file.
  5. In last, you have to create an import job in Office 365.

Method 2: Using Drive Shipping

  1. Copy the files in a BitLocker-encrypted hard disk
  2. After that, transfer the drive to Microsoft physically
  3. After receiving the hard disk, the database starts uploading the received MS Outlook data to a location, that is temporary in the cloud of Microsoft.
  4. To convert exported Yahoo emails you can take the help of Office 365 Import service.

Why Manual Procedure Fails?

It can be possible that you might fail or find difficulty to import Yahoo Mail to Office 365 account using manual procedure because:

  1. The manual method is quite lengthy and complex to perform for a novice user. Therefore, it is time-consuming and a user may need the help of a technical expert also.
  2. There might be a risk of data alteration also because it is not a guaranteed solution.

2.Automated Solution to Transfer Yahoo Mail to Office 365 account

As there is no direct method available to migrate emails from Yahoo to Office 365 account. Therefore, to have a perfect and reliable solution and to overcome all the limitations of manual procedure, one can go for a third-party solution that can help you convert Yahoo to PST and then import the PST file into Office 365 account quickly & efficiently.


We have discussed different solutions regarding “How to Migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365”. You can choose any of them according to your convenience. As the manual procedure has some limitations so, two third-party tools i.e. Yahoo Backup and Office 365 Restore suggested to Migrate Emails from Yahoo to Office 365 easily.

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