How To Hire Engineers In A Competitive City

Hiring engineers is an important part of most businesses. No matter the speciality hiring engineers works in very similar ways. The hiring process for engineers is traditional, receive an application, review application, interview, and training. However, the hard part of hiring engineers Is getting their attention.

Engineers are very well qualified from their rigorous education programs so there is a large demand for engineers and not as many to go around. This is where hiring an engineer can be difficult. A business needs to be attractive to engineer applicants.

So if you are wondering how to hire engineers and where can you find them, follow the tips below.

College Career Fairs

One of the most popular places to hire engineers is at a college career fair. This is a great place to gain attention for your company and make connections with new graduates from engineering programs. The benefits of this method are that you have access to a wide variety of applicants with high interest in your company. With hiring new graduates, you also have the unique opportunity to mould these engineers into exactly what your company needs.

Because they have limited experience in the field you will have to spend some extra time training them, but you will not have many bad habits that you will need to fix, and they are typically very open to learning new information.

Social Media

Social media platforms are great ways to get in contact with engineers that are searching for jobs. The most popular and well-known platform is LinkedIn. LinkedIn provides engineers with the opportunity to create a profile of their resume, experiences, recommendations, and other accomplishments. The engineer can say if they are in the market for a job and can, therefore, be reached if you have a job that you think would suit them. This is a great hiring strategy because you can do a pre-investigation on the engineer before they even apply to your available position. 


Using a recruiter is a classic way to hire engineers. You can even hire a recruiter that specializes in technical careers like engineering that know exactly what to look for in a candidate. You will work with the recruiter to narrow down the specific qualifications you would like in an applicant and the recruiter will find engineers that fit those criteria.

Directly reaching out to clients via recruiter can get you a lot of interest in your position and find an engineer that will fit your needs and desires. The recruiter is typically more expensive than other methods because you have to pay them for their services, but it can be worth it if you are getting quality employees.

Let Them Come to You

The last option is to just let the engineers come to you. You can make your job listing available on your website, on hiring websites, and posted on social media. This allows the engineers who are most interested and invested in your listing to come to you. To make this method effective you should ensure you have a detailed and professional job posting, including job duties, salary, and other specific details. The more information you have about your engineering job, the more likely it will be that people will apply.

Hiring engineers do not have to be difficult. You can use college career fairs, social media, recruiters, or simply let them come to you. Getting the right applicants is the hardest part of the game. But once you have secured the interview, ensure that you ask the right questions to make sure they are the right fit for your company. Bottom line is that any engineer that is willing to put in the work and think critically about problems will most likely do a great job.

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