How to Generate Leads Through Your Content?

Content is still ruling the world of marketing, and there is no possibility that its impact will be reduced even after a decade. If you look at the current marketing landscape, then the content is the key driver to bring new and cost-effective opportunities to obtain leads and generate sales. 

With the evolution of the Internet, Google, and Social Media, everything has changed. Although the necessity of content has always been there in the marketing, now the popularity of social media marketing has increased its value. Imagine how Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms will look like if the content will be missing from them. Merely an app with blank pages.

That’s the reason why content considered as the most effective tool to promote anything on the Internet. But having a piece of information is not just enough. It should be captivating enough to pique your audience interests. So, if you are thinking why your contents are not getting you the anticipated leads, then this might be one of the reasons. In this post, we will share a few lead generation ways that will help you to multiply your website traffic.

1. Create eBooks

E books are the most popular type of content that has the potential to get you the maximum number of leads. People love to read the stuff that can educate them. And, if you offer them some interesting information for free, then they will be anxious to take an interest in your marketing campaign. As a result, you will get a large number of leads. But make sure to choose such topics that will entice them to download your eBook.

There are so many things you can achieve with the help of eBooks. You can educate your targeted audience about your products and their usage. You can also make a lot of money by selling your eBooks that very well communicate with your audience.

Here is an evident example, of LiveCareer, This company created a winning content that aligns with their services, a handbook for job search, and built a landing page for it. Plus, they also make it shareable by putting social media icons below the form, which makes it very convenient for the users to share the content with their friends and colleagues. As a result, they succeed in acquiring more leads.

2. Create easy shareable contents 

Sharing is the only way to get massive leads in a short time because people generally like to discuss more on the shared contents as compared to others. So, whenever you craft an article for your website, conceptualize it in such a  way that people could not resist themselves from sharing it on social media.

There are a lot of ways in which you can affect the readers emotions, so utilize those techniques and leave no stone unturned to make your content impactful. Moreover, to get the actionable response from your audience, you can also provide shortcut buttons like to mention in the above example.

3. Promote your content

If you have written a power pact content, and it is not reaching to your target audience, then it is of no use. Remember, the more your audience will know about your content, the more traffic you will receive. So instead of becoming relaxed after creating content, you should start promoting it. And for that, you can use paid ads feature available on various social media platforms. 

It is much better to splurge on advertising one content and generating leads from it rather than paying 10 writers to write articles and get nothing in return. The choice is yours. 

Air Asia is very good at advertising their content. With their recent- static promo, they proved that even a simple Facebook ad create an enormous impact. Their ad copy did not have any exceptional content. The thing that made it really work is the bright image and the usage of powerful words like ” FREE.”

4. Be active on social media  

The content creation process is not limited to drafting an article, info-graphics, eBook, or making a video. It is also about staying active on social media. We are not discussing the paid promotions that we have referenced before, but about the actual activities such as posting, liking, sharing, and communicating with the audience. 

If you are one of those who frequently post about your business on social media, then this step is very crucial for you to generate leads. Because your activity shows your presence on social media and people love to invest their time on the profiles that are not self-focused. 

Communication is yet another significant aspect of social media. To drive traffic, you also need to communicate with your potential leads. Whenever people ask you something, whether through comments or direct messaging, try to respond to their inquiries as soon as possible. By doing this, you will not only increase your business credibility but also able to raise the possibility of conversions.

A very striking example of this is Uber. They are very good at maintaining their social media presence, especially on Facebook. Uber uses social media not only to post the content about offers and deals but also to retain their customers. They spend a significant amount of time responding to the queries of their customers on social media. It helps them to build their brand image, and as a result, now they have 22 million followers on Facebook, which is not easy to achieve.

5. Guest Blogging

Sometimes creating high-quality content and then posting it on your low traffic website to get leads, doesn’t make sense. Guest blogging is the best option in such a scenario. With the help of it, you can expand your readers by publishing your blog on other reputable websites, that works in a similar niche as that of yours and have comparatively more traffic.

But this method is not that easy as it sounds. Guest blogging is a sensitive job. You have to convince other site owners and then agree to their terms and conditions to publish your blog on their site. 

The advantage of following this technique, you will be able to reach out to a different section of people who might not be aware of your brand. Plus, you do not have to put efforts to make people read your blog because, the site in which you will post, will have their loyal customers who trust their articles and respect the information shared by them.

To help you understand better about the importance of guest blogging, we have come up with a great example of Buffer. This company got a tremendous success because of guest blogging. They constantly stick to this strategy and published their content on the high visibility sites to attract more traffic. As a result, now they have four blogs, 400,000 users, and millions of followers across different social media platforms. 

6. Create videos

Another type of content that you can use for lead generation is video. You can put all the information that you want to share with your audience in a video, and then the rest of the work of attracting traffic will get automatically done. 

According to the present market scenario, the success rate of video content is very high. Therefore, you can think of including it in your marketing strategy. However, it might cost you some money depending upon the kind of video you want to make. But if people will love it, then all your expenses will get compensated. You will end up getting huge profits. 

Prominent brands like Reebok always keeps their content marketing game up by producing attractive videos that encourage the audience to buy their products. The most recent video they created is ” Reebok 25,915 days.” Through this, they are promoting their #HonorYourDays campaign.

If you look at the video, it does not contain any spoken words, but the message is very powerful. It motivates women to stay fit. They also add CTA at the end of the video, and that is ” Calculate your days, ” which makes their message not only compelling but actionable also.

7. Experiment with different types of content

We have already mentioned some of the types of content like ebook, blogs, and videos in the above points. But what about social media contests? It is also a very engaging form of content which can generate great leads. Most of the business follows this strategy and get profitable results. 

To give this method a try, all you have to do is, create some questions about your company and encourage people to participate in the contest by offering winning prizes. Social media platforms are the best place for carrying out this activity. Because nowadays, the majority of people prefer to invest their time on social networking sites as compared to other places.

Summing up

Among so many lead generation ways, content marketing is the only one that can help you to get hordes of sustainable and long-term traffic without investing much. So make use of the above-mentioned tips as per your business needs and watch your leads increasing like never before. 

A technology entrepreneur and a passionate content marketer, having years of experience in fast-paced enterprises. Deepa is a product enthusiast and has brought success to her venture Globussoft. She also owns products like EmpMonitor, Socinator, and many mobile apps in the social media automation space which have millions of users.