How To Delete Quora Account from Android and PC 2019

Recently my sister told me to delete Quora account as she was not using it for a long time and wanted to register the new account on the same mail. So I told her to do that by herself and got the answer that she was not able to find the delete account option. Even I didn’t know where that option was so I explore the things and Google the method and got the way by which I was able to instantly delete her Quora account permanently. And I taught her the same.

Then I took some screenshots of the steps and decided to write one guide on how to delete Quora account. So follow the simple step by step discussed below to proceed to get the account deleted on both the Android and PC.

Steps To Delete Quora Account from Android and PC 2019:

#1 First of all go to the Quora website through pasting the link on the browser address bar inside any of the device. This method can be performed easily on both of the Android as well as PC so start to follow it up.

#2 Once the Quora website is opened, click on the Login button so as to get inside your account. If you haven’t yet logged in then log in would be required unless you can skip this step. Once this step is completed proceed to the next step.

#3 In this step you need to find up the Name on the top right corner of your account. Click on your name and this will take to the dropdown where there will be the number of options available. Out of all the options of the dropdown select the Settings option. Proceed again to the next step after that.

How To Delete Quora Account from Android and PC 2019

How To Delete Quora Account from Android and PC 2018

#4 Click on the privacy tab and then you will reach to the privacy settings page. On that page will be an option in Red color that will be Delete Account. Simply click on that option and the Quora account will be deleted immediately.

How To Delete Quora Account from Android and PC 2018

How To Delete Quora Account from Android and PC 2019

#5 Remember that you can perform this method on both of the devices including Android as well as PC. This is a simple and few steps method so anyone can delete the Quora account almost immediately!

#6 There will be a deactivate link displayed on the same page of privacy settings in blue color. If you wish to close your account for some time then this option can be used rather than deleting the account permanently.

Choose the option wisely as if you choose the permanent deletion then you will not be able to get that account revert. So its better to deactivate it rather than going for the deletion if you are not planning to re-register on the same mail.

Delete Quora Account

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