How IT Giants are Changing The Way They Work

The workforce has involved the same work practices for quite a while. When you mention work, many people associate it with carrying a briefcase around and moving from place to place, trying to get to a building. At this building, they would perform several tasks for mediocre pay at the end of the month. Sound familiar? 

Although it has been standard in our society for a very long time, it is slowly being reformed. This is because of two main reasons; the COVID-19 pandemic and technological advancements. IT giants are one of the first companies that are welcoming this change. Many of their employees no longer have to commute to work and spend over 12 hours of their day sitting at a desk. Instead, they now make use of different automation software to perform their tasks. Doing this alone has helped the IT industry, helping to produce results like never before.

That said, this article will explore that change and how it positively affects the economy in the long run. Hopefully, these facts would help to spread this innovative work approach to other industries. 

How Has Automation Changed The Way We Work

Simply put, workflow automation is a practice of using software to automate work activities, internal operations, and use resources efficiently to seamlessly streamline business processes. 

By automating the processes of any company, the following benefits can be achieved to a greater extent::

1. Increases Efficiency

The first thing that workflow software positively impacts is efficiency. It drastically reduces the amount of mistakes employees and the company in general make. It’s no fact that human labor is frequently prone to errors, especially when there’s a lot of work in hand. Fortunately, devices don’t understand the concept of pressure. This allows them to do the work diligently and without error.

2. Sharply Increases Performance Levels

The performance levels of humans tend to be shaky. You could have employees that perform outstandingly at work one week and then poorly the next. This fluctuation in performance is mainly due to human factors like troubles in the home, instability of motivation levels due to performing repetitive tasks, etc. 

Automation software doesn’t have problems at home, nor do they struggle with motivation. They simply do as much work as they can at a consistent performance level. By delegating repetitive tasks to these automation software, you can easily focus your attention on more critical tasks. Performing this workflow automation would sharply boost performance levels. 

3. Improves Communication

When humans are involved, there are bound to be a lot of communication problems. Luckily, workflow management systems help to connect different employees. They would have a way to talk to each other and easily get clarification on instructions. As you may already know, communication is critical in IT companies. Workflow automation pools data from these IT companies as employees increase its usage. Over time, this would significantly help workflows. 

IT Giants’ Automation Success Stories

To help you understand more on how automation has changed the way IT companies work, here are three companies that have significantly improved since they integrated automation into their workflows:

GreenCube Global

This company is a business intelligence company with a fantastic reputation worldwide. They give enterprise management performance solutions to their clients. Although they’re known for doing great work now, this wasn’t always the case. A little while back, they had problems communicating with their clients from different parts of the world. This affected their quality of work, as they were losing clients as fast as they were getting them. They also had problems with managing finances, with multiple errors being recorded every day. 

The COO at GreenCube Global decided to switch things up and implement workflow automation. After workflow automation, the financial processes have significantly improved by reducing the repetitive work GreenCube’s employees had to do. It also allowed these employees to track their clients and send multiple emails at the same time!

Technology And The Future Of Work

Gradually, the traditional work culture is being replaced by smart, automated work processes instead. With the integration of technology, the days where you would have to sit at your desk reviewing the work of your employees are over. There are now automations that can do that for you in seconds. The integration of technology would also eliminate errors, improve communication, and enhance trust and transparency. 

Now, many more employers around the world are beginning to question their whole work culture. Some of these questions include how they do their work, where they do it, and in what manner they do it.

Even the employee experience has been massively improved. Gone are the days where you would have to sit in front of a desk for hours after completing your tasks. With technology, employees would now be paid based on completion of tasks, rather than hours worked.

Final Words

There are many more benefits of performing workflow automation, but the above are three of the most beneficial. Also above are facts on how several IT giants have changed the way they work. Hopefully, this would help change the narrative on “robots taking jobs,” and embrace the change instead.

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