How IPTV Platform Can Help Your Business

Before we understand how IPTV for business can benefit you, let’s start with the basics. What is IPTV? 

IPTV platform or Internet Protocol Television uses the internet to stream content instead of cables and satellite signals like the traditional format. 

IPTV has been steady growth over the years as it is easy to use and gives customers control over the content they watch.

As a result, in 2019, the IPTV business market share was at USD 39.2 billion and is expected to grow at a 7.1% CAGR from 2020 to 2027.

If you’re planning to start an IPTV business, here are five reasons how it will help your brand grow. 

Communicate better with your customers

IPTV business model not just transmits live channels but also has room for on-demand content, live shows, and more. It has taken hold of every household, office, gathering, and even can be viewed on flights. 

While many businesses use IPTV to stream content for their business purposes, promotions, pieces of training, and more, others often make a profit out of it by venturing into OTT platform streaming, IPTV reseller business, and other on-demand videos that can be monetized. 

Without further ado, here are the five benefits of IPTV solutions for business:

1. No additional set-up hassle

IPTV uses existing networks to transmit data and doesn’t require a lot of infrastructure like laying new cables or setting up satellite receivers. 

It uses an IP-based network for distribution which many users already have. This means your customer pays a lower price for services making IPTV a lucrative offer. 

It can be easily set up in a building using ethernet technology. It also integrates with existing web servers if your company has multiple locations. 

2. Easily deliver content in your office

With IPTV and an existing internet connection, your employees can access content from anywhere within the office or with the right VPN connection, remotely as well. 

Unlike traditional TV where you had to limit your content, you can stream any videos and data using this connection to all your employees within the network. 

Also, with the help of the best IPTV providers, you can stream your content to any device with an internet connection, be it a TV, tablet, desktop, or mobile. 

3. Personalize content as needed

Not every content streamed needs to be viewed by all your employees. IPTV solutions make it easy for you to personalize content according to teams and other criteria. 

This helps you to curate content and videos that help a particular group and transmit them accordingly. 

Productive and organized distribution of content will lead to better efficiency and consumption of training videos and other business-centric content. 

4. Source content from anywhere

The internet has made the world smaller by transmitting data across the globe in a matter of a few seconds and IPTV is no different. Source content from anywhere across the globe and make it available for your employees in minutes. 

It could be a live transmission of a company conference in another country, or a training video designed to help a certain team, IPTV streaming solutions make it easy to source from anywhere you choose. 

5. Be on top of security 

Many businesses face the threat of data leaks either from external sources or employees. IPTV hinders such scenarios with end-to-end AES encryption and stringent access to such content. 

You can also create an IPTV app to ensure the streaming is done in a secure environment and can track user behavior, lock screen sharing, or screen recording. 

IPTV also is safe and secure to transmit confidential information and content from other sources. As a bonus, no copies can be distributed without legal authorization.  Every business has its requirements while creating an IPTV for their company. The key is in finding an IPTV company with these key features—flexibility in customization of the service caters to your business needs, has options for personalization of content, and secure encryption integration.

Dwarakesh is Video Monetization & OTT Platform Expert at CONTUS VPlayed. Interested in digging deep into video/audio streaming media tools and Love to blog, discuss and share views on the latest technologies tips, and tricks. He's also passionate about photography loves to capture the pure essence of life.