How Does Somebody Know They Need a TIN?

A TIN or Taxpayer Identification Number, also known as Federal Taxpayer Identification Number, is a nine-digit identifying number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service or Social Security Administration for the purpose of taxes. Several types of TIN are available including Employer Identification Number (EIN), Social Security Number, Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, Preparer Taxpayer Identification Number, and Taxpayer Identification Number for Pending U.S.

Adoptions. As an individual, business, church, or non-profit organization, you are required to apply for a TIN. If you need the EIN for your business, you can easily use the IRS EIN lookup at the IRS-EIN tax id website. In addition to the IRS identifier, some states like Massachusetts, New York, South Carolina issue their business identification numbers. Business needs a federal tax ID number and a state tax ID number in these states.

Applying for an EIN

If you are required to have an EIN for your business and need to apply, the quickest and easiest way to apply for an EIN is via IRS EIN Tax ID website. The website is easy to navigate, not like the IRS, where it is complex and confusing. The application process is simple and secure. First, choose the type of entity you are applying for, such as sole proprietor or trust.

Next, fill out the paperwork. Lastly, submit your application to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Unlike the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), knowledgeable agents are available 24/7, ready and able to answer any questions you may have.

Your EIN will be delivered on the same day, in many cases, in just a few hours. However, if your application is submitted after 7 PM EST, delivery of the EIN would be the following business day. An EIN is never cancelled once it is assigned because the historical record needs to be maintained. Even if a business closes, the number stays available for future reference.

Safe, Secure, and Quick

Nobody has time to waste filling out complicated forms and waiting weeks for delivery. That’s one of the many reasons why IRS-EIN-Tax-ID is the best place to apply for an EIN. You want to be protected and keep your information safe, which the site does both while making the process simple to do.

How to get an ITIN

To obtain an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) you have to file form W-7 with IRS. These are nine-digit numbers formatted like social security numbers. To assist applicants obtaining ITIN number, the IRS authorizes acceptance agents such as colleges, accounting firms, and financial institutions.

How to get PTIN

Preparer Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (PTIN) is a nine-digit number that is used in place of the paid preparer’s SSN of any federal tax return. If you apply your PTIN online, it will take only 15 minutes to complete the process, and if you prefer to use the paper option, you have to file Form W-12, IRS Paid Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). It will take maximum six weeks for the process.

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