Home Protection Involves a Good Phone Service Too!

Last month, our neighbours got some night visitors. No, they didn’t have guests over, they had burglars! They also had the best security setup (according to them), yet they were robbed. When we get an expensive security system we think we’re protected for good, but we fail to understand that those burglars plan it all in advance. They don’t do it on a whim, they come with a plan and that’s what’s important to remember.


So that’s what got me thinking about home security and telling you all how you can protect yourself without just depending on a security system. I’ve come up with six ways in which you can protect your home and family. Following just one technique is fine, but it doesn’t reduce the risk of a robbery to a 100%. But if you follow all of these tips you can maximize your protection.

A Security System

The first step is – yes – a security system installed in your house. Make sure to research to find the best option for your home.

If it suits you – try a DIY security system because of its simplicity and affordability. Some security systems charge installation fees, but if you do it yourself, then you eliminate those fees. However, there are always pros and cons – and if you miss a single step that a professional might not – then you, my friend, are screwed.

A Good Phone Line

Yes, yes, you have your mobile to call anyone in case of an emergency – but what if there are generous to stop you from doing so… how do you think you’d be able to reach out for help?

You need a home phone for this very reason. Home phones won’t die out in the hour of need. No, don’t go for a wired phone line that they can just cut, get a wireless home phone with backup battery power that will work even if the electricity is out. CenturyLink Phone service is a great example, try finding something like that.

Cautious and Attentive

Always be very attentive of your surroundings. Did you know that 86.79% of all burglaries are perpetrated by a friend or relative? No need to tell everyone about your home security or backup plans because you’re just feeding information to people who might end up robbing you.

If you think someone is showing too much interest in your home then be cautious! It is not because they think you’re amazing – it’s probably because they’re jealous and want something like that for themselves. They might not be the ones that rob you, but if they talk about it in a public place then you’re immediately becoming a target. Be careful of your words and actions in public because it could lead to your house being robbed!

Self-Defence Training

Try taking a karate class and other self-defence class to learn how to react in survival situations. Learn how to throw a punch other techniques that will protect you in dangerous situations. You need to have a plan in place as to where you will hide from a robber while you’re calling the police.

Light it Up!

Light up your property with all types of lights. While it may enhance the beauty of your home, it will definitely illuminate your property and create awareness for everyone that walks past your home. Do yourself a favour and get a revolving camera, even if it doesn’t record so that people know they are being watched. These types of things can be a great deterrent to any potential robbery.


In the end, all of the above-mentioned techniques can help maximize your home protection. Yes, the risk of home invasion will always be there, but these tips can help reduce the chances. The point is – stay protected and don’t sit idle waiting for something to happen that you’ll regret later on. You need to be confident that your home is secure – at least for a good night’s sleep. Best of luck!

Nathan John is a dedicated writer at at&t bundles, whose primary interests includes: marketing, and tech topics. He has been known to offer insightful and well-researched articles with reference to ongoing tech trends and available services.