Hit The Bull’s Eye With E-commerce Mobile App Development

It is evident that traditional businesses, all over the world are trying to capture the true essence of digitalization. E-commerce mobile app development is one of the highly popular trends that is inspiring the world to think beyond the four walls of their brick and mortar store.”

As soon as the world got to taste the benefits of digitalization, the sudden wave of transformation spread across every industry and organization.

This trend allows businesses to represent themselves on a platform that holds a huge scope of a variety of audiences. One such industry was of traditional commerce. Seeing the unprecedented progress, a huge glut of brick and mortar stores chose digital platforms over the digital one.

Consider Amazon for example. It was simply an online store that sold books but gradually turned out to be one of the most popular and biggest e-commerce portals in the world. Who knows, you might be the next one in the line?

Does Your Business Need An App?


Imagine a situation where your customer is too tired to stand in the queue of your shop, for the daily groceries. The next thing your customer will do is look for your shop online, and in case you are not present there, he will switch to the one that does.

Doesn’t it feel like losing a customer, over your business’s absence on an e-commerce platform? And it is not just about a single customer. A lot of users are currently suffering the drawbacks of this fast-moving lifestyle. This not only refrains them from manual shopping but also increases their online activity.

When the users can easily get their deliveries at the doorstep, why would they even bother visiting a store?

Are you able to catch the concept and its importance?

It is highly important for any business to be present on a platform filled with their target audience. Did you know that users spend 92 percent of their time on smartphones, switching between multiple apps? Now think about your business’s ameliorated revenue funnel once you create one for yourself?

Are You New To The Process Of Mobile App Development?

If this is true, there is nothing you need to worry about. Because these days there are a lot of efficient mobile app development companies, that can help you to create one for yourself. All you need to do is run a little background check of the company that you are going to team up with. Have a look at some of those factors…

  • Check the company’s experience
  • Evaluate the efficiency of the development and QA team
  • Check the previous client review online
  • Go through the technologies the company has worked on
  • Look into the work environment and culture

Once you get hold of the right partners, make sure you start with the development process. The key to a successful application is seamless communication between you and your company. So ensure to convey all the e-commerce mobile app development strategies that you want for yourself, to your team.

From the best company, let us jump to the best features that your app needs to thrive through the cutting edge competition.

What Are The Mandatory Features Your App Cannot Live Without?

To be honest, there is a huge glut of m-commerce app builder strategies, but it is necessary to pick the ones that suit your business. So without any further ado, let us go through all the features that your app needs to have.

#1 Easy Registration Process

This feature involves a simple registration of the users. If you want your app to not repel customers at the first step, the inculcation of a sorted registration process is non-negotiable. There is no need to take extra details from the users, even if it is of no use.

2# Various Payment Options

From cash on delivery to the online wallets, make sure that your e-commerce app has everything. Because you never know the mindset of every single one of your users.

3# Easy Navigation

Screen size and the content are two of the major things that you and your team need to think about. It is necessary to maximize the use of limited mobile display screen, in a way that the content should not appear cranked up. The final designed layout needs to deliver uncluttered and immaculate navigation to the users.

The users need to be able to witness all the brands and the products in the most beautiful way.

4# Feedbacks & Reviews

Providing a vertical in the app that specially highlights the user-related issues, is a great way to ameliorate the scope of improvements. Allowing the customers to give their valuable review or feedback about a product help to scrape off the flaw and provide enhanced services.

5# Push Notification

Push notification is undoubtedly the most valuable and the coolest feature to improve the engagement with the users. It can be used to gloriously display all the fresh arrivals, offers, sales, discounts, and other delivery related notifications.

This feature is quick to grab the users’ attention and act as a fuel to influence them for shopping.

Last but not least…

6# Social Media Integration

Since the world is going ga-ga over the popularity of different social media platforms, the best way to make the most of the entire situation is by integrating your app with the different social media platforms. This lets your buyers share your product on their personal social media profile, which in turn increases your brand’s value.

Through social media integration, you will be able to reach a huge range of targeted audiences.

Since you have all the necessary information about e-commerce app builder, the important question is, are you ready to travel the extra mile?

And in case of any doubts, feel free to reach out to us for more information, but till then stay tuned to this space, for more information and exciting tech updates.

Rakesh Bisht - Lead generation expert at LeadMuster. As a passionate heart, he writes avidly about digital marketing and mobile app development trends and shares his opinion on subjects to spread awareness.