Here’s How To Leverage G Suite Admin To Skyrocket Your Productivity

G Suite admin is a relatively new concept, and many people are not aware of its functions. This is why there needs to be some sort of checklist that a user can go through to verify what he or she should have done. This has a comprehensive benefit. This would ensure that all the preliminary steps are taken and no scope of mistake is left.

Moreover, this guarantees that the future process goes smoothly, and the execution of the end result becomes flawless. Google G Suite Admin is a simple domain through which you can easily access, control and monitor the activities better by integrating its many features.

Here are some things to assess before using G Suite admin account:

Handling new users in a better manner

When you step into the shoes of a Google G Suite admin, you get numerous requests from fresh users. Now this situation can be really problematic for two reasons:

1) You get interrupted as you get notified as you get a new request.

2) you don’t know what to do with these as the information is not complete.

Now what to do in this situation of dilemma? You can easily resolve this situation by making a google form, and because of G Suite, you have full access to it. The fields can be decided by you, and the information would be filed by the users. This will save a lot of time and effort. Moreover, there would be no more interruption. You can also include guidelines on the top of the form to make your job even easier.

Helps in handling closing of accounts

One of the biggest help this software provides is in the closing of the accounts. There are two methods to do this, you can either suspend an account, or you can close an account. That depends on the nature of the leave and the company policy. When an employee leaves, he or she should not be privy to the information of the company; otherwise, this can pose a significant threat.

With the help of Google Admin G Suite, you can easily terminate the account or suspend it any time you want with a simple click. This function is given to the G Suite admin and is far better than the mechanical methods. Deleting a user terminates all the information, and you would get about 20 days to reverse that decision. However, suspending an account helps to keep all the vital information and transfer it to another account for future use.

Clear classification between employees and contractors

The IRS has clearly laid out the guidelines that there shall be the difference between employees and contractors and classifying them as the same imposes heavy penalties. G Suite can really help in this process. A company can only provide login information to the employees and not the contracts.

This would result in a clear line of classification, and the IRS would be highly satisfied with it. A lot of the companies in its initial days do not realize the duties they have and do not value this distinction. This can prove fatal for them in terms of monetary compensation.

Force the two-factor security protocol

As a G Suite admin, you can have all your employees go through the two-factor security on their Google account. Hacking is one the rise and even the country’s network are getting hacked. In this situation of misery, taking all precautions is the best thing to do.

By enforcing the two-level authentication, you can easily help secure your employees and sensitive business data. This would make sure that you do not suffer big losses in the long run of your business.

Ease in analyzing suspicious information

With G Suite and as an admin, you can easily monitor each and every activity of a user. Data breaches and leaks are one of the things that are becoming very common. This is why you need to establish a weekly or a monthly system in which you check up the activity of every user.

This would make sure no one is doing anything shady. If you suspect any unorthodox behavior, you should first report it to the HR and take necessary actions against it.

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