Here’s How a Foolproof SEO Strategy is Your Ticket to Increased Revenue

All ecommerce businesses have one goal in general –increased revenue. Many entrepreneurs today, are aware how an SEO strategy gives a leg up to their businesses.

In today’s digital world, showing your online presence is a crucial step. So how can you ensure that you are visible in the search engines and converting audience into customers?  Most of the times you know where to make the money from in your business, but it’s often difficult to mainstream revenues through SEO. That’s because a lot of data gets in the way and it’s hard to make a connection.

Yet you can utilize SEO power by mastering the strategy. You can use SEO strategy to achieve the goal of increasing revenue for your firm as it optimizes your website to appear higher in google results.

SEO Strategies to Up Your Revenue

We have gathered some tips to plan SEO strategy and factors that act as an obstacle in gaining the visibility and conversions.


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Improve Loading Speed of Your Page

Page Loading Speed of Your Page

Did you ever get too annoyed to close down a webpage if it took forever to load? People have zero tolerance when it comes to the loading speed of webpages. This depicts poor performance of the website.

If you want to get more clicks to your website and earn more profit, you need to ensure better user experience. Google’s Doubleclick reported that websites that took 5 seconds to load had 35 % lower bounce rate, 70% longer users, and 25% better visibility, as compared to websites that took 19 seconds to load.

Site speed is one of the tool used by its algorithms to mark pages. Search engines of pages with lower speed crawl negatively impact conversions. Webpages that take only a few seconds in landing become the source of increased revenue. Here are some tips on how you can improve your webpage speed:

  • Enable compression
  • Reduce redirects
  • Optimize your code (JavaScript, CSS and HTML)
  • Leverage browser catching
  • Use content distribution network
  • Improve server response

Target Best Keywords

Keyword research is the backbone of a successful SEO strategy. If you want your website to rank first, you must be mindful of the choice of your keywords. Invest your time in keyword research which will inevitably produce great results in long term.

Keyword research

Keywords have their part to play in buying patterns of the customers. Below are some factors to approach your keywords to determine what we’re often missing.


  • Pick keywords that are the most searched by users on search engines and allow your webpages to be found easily
  • Replace traditional keywords with more appropriate keywords if liking ratio is high and find out whether it is easy or hard for your web page to get ranked for chosen keywords
  • Always choose long tail keywords instead of using head terms as your keywords because long tail keywords are more precise to your band or product and much easier to rank
  • Understand if users are wishing to buy something or are they just looking for information. Recognize their wish when using the keyword on search engines
  • Analyze the web pages that appear on the first page and search for your target keywords by looking out the competition

Content is the Key

How does SEO and content fit together? The algorithm is constantly updated with new information, unlike in the past when it was updated occasionally. Your content should be as compelling and comprehensive as possible to gain more traffic to your site. Do your research or consider flipbook maker to engage your audience through interactive material.


Before creating your content, look out the current trends. Analyze your competitors and depict how the results appears. Check their published content and the proprietary such as Twitter or Facebook.

Don’t go for long content with irrelevant stuff.  Remember: quality over quantity while establishing your content. Your content must ensure customer satisfaction to generate traffic on the webpage.

After evaluating targeted keywords and competitors link, establish a strategy that would help you in earning backlinks and producing highly targeted content based on effective keywords.  Make sure you site has following features to get optimized SEO results:

  • Your site must have commendable web copy
  • Must be blessed with high- definition images
  • It must carry a free consultation form
  • It must show how their business works through visuals like videos
  • It must contain social proof in the form of awards or testimonials

Upgrading Website Architecture

It needs a piece of keystone content if you want a particular page to rank for a various set of interrelated recess keywords. A page that is difficult to find on your website or is an orphaned page, that is not getting the job completed.

Create a comprehensive and a good thought-out interlinked strategy. Include your target page in main steering menus where applicable. These strategies will allow the most command and authority to flow towards your page and may lead the page to be creep upwards in the ranking.

Plan Link Building Strategies

SEO backlinks

To maximize revenue, you need more audience. You can attract audience through significant links you make with other pages. So, you need to plan a comprehensive link building strategy that will acknowledge your efforts and help you in getting links from different sites.

You can research other pages’ search results to get more competitor’s links, even if they have lower prestige.

Every webpage gets higher ranking if it is linked to relevant, credible and authoritative sources. It’s not a good idea to follow advice by adding a zero follow tag to outbound links in order to save your website’s internal authority.

Give credit where it’s due. Through good outbound linking practices, citing industry experts and calculating statistics and performance, you can communicate relevancy to search engines. Refrain yourself from unnatural outbound penalty.

Sohail Rupani is a senior SEO strategist at PNC Digital, a digital marketing agency based in Orlando. He specializes in SEO and SEM techniques. He is passionate about technology and loves to analyze the tech industry in his spare time and stay in touch with the latest happenings. He also writes technical articles about SEO and digital marketing. Follow @sohailrupani for more updates.