How to get organic traffic from search engine to your blog?

There are many things that can be done to attract the organic traffic to your website and one of such things is the SEO  (Search engine Optimisation).

There are many organizations that provide you with the service of optimising traffic to your site with the help of SEO. There are many companies providing organic SEO services in London.

The following points should be followed to help you in achieving your goal.

  • The website should not just be indexable but also scrolled by the Google bots. Which means that the not only the site should follow the tips on SEO but shall also maintain the quality of the articles written. As they both go hand in hand generate traffic from the Search Engines.
  • The title, tags, description, broken links, the URL all should be properly taken care of. A reference to the checklist of the SEO will go a long way in getting a good traffic.
  • The content of the article should be readable and also easily understood by the search engines. Basically the writing should be done on topics, which people want to read and will search for on the internet. For instance, if your’s is a fashion website, you should add articles on the latest fashion trends or good colour sense for a particular skin tone. So the content is in sync with the website as well as interesting to the general public.

There are various steps in writing content which is SEO optimised.

  • Research on appropriate keywords
  • Writing an optimised content based on the keywords
  • Promotion of the content and make it search engine friendly.
  • Link building which generally acts as a trust vote.
  • Maintain frequency of the blog.
  • Make the readers subscribe.

Take into account the following points to make link building as an important yet careful part of the entire process.

  • Keep in mind it is the most essential strategy in SEO.
  • The links attached to your blogs should be of good quality and should not be irrelevant.
  • The links can be of any form. Like it can be outbound links, backlinks, reciprocal links, and can be connected to other links, whether directly or indirectly, but should be from good PR and from thesame functional blog.
  • Avoid buying backlinks to improve your search engine ranking as the number one search engine ‘ Google’ has a ‘Penguin update’ which lists all the websites that use such spam to increase their popularity.
  • The best way to get links to your site is by Guest posting and Blog commenting.
  • Write unique content which attracts the organic backlinks the most.

Advice on maintaining the frequency on the blog:

There should be a regularity of the content. You should take out time in maintaining the interest of the readers by posting regular articles. Now, while doing so care should be taken that the articles are related to your niche and also that the quality of the articles is not compromised.

This can be maintained by a little organisation. Also ensure to take care of the keywords while writing.

How to make the traffic revisit by making them subscribe:

The aim is not achieved by just once making the readers attract to your website. To maintain the traffic and persuading them to revisit your blogs, one of the best ways to make them subscribe through email.

You may have your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media setup, but email is more powerful in terms of subscription as one may not check the social media account for a long time but emails are opened every day.

So always give the reader an email subscription option immediately after the blog post or the sidebar.

Getting search engine traffic is a hard thing but with the application of the above given points, a genuine and successful try can be made to make more and more people, read and appreciate and share your blogs with others on the social media.