Gaming Industry: How has Technology revolutionized it?

People find different types of entertainment to use their time. They would watch movies, stream through various songs, play sports, cook, paint, indulge in gaming or opt for activities that interest them to spend their leisure time. It greatly depends on a person’s nature and interest that decides the activities they choose to pass their time. Stereo-typically, whatever reasons there may be behind this assumption but mostly men and boys are observed interested in playing sports or video games.

If somebody uses the word, “video games player” I’m sure the person to come to your mind is a boy. The reasons are the same – usually, boys are observed more interested in games. And if you spend a little time with a gamer, he would start passionately giving you details on the games he would have played or the games he would be looking forward to playing. The more you indulge in the conversation, the more you realize that it is just not about games; instead its a lot more than that. It is a culture, now a days.


Moreover, for some it is also a mode of earning for some while it is just a medium of entertainment for the most. The point being, online gaming has become a thing in this age. With the advancement in technology, gamers have gone even crazier for these games.

In this article, I will point out the latest features that this age of technological advancement has brought to the gambling industry. Casino games got the latest features and qualities to add more attraction to this source of entertainment.

Let’s discuss:

3D Scanning and Facial Recognition

One of the classiest ways the gaming trend has taken a turn is by installing the feature of facial recognition and 3D Scanning. This makes the experience of a game more real and personal. How? You get to see your personal avatar in the games that you play. How it becomes interesting is by bringing a personal association to the game. You play the game and you pretend to be the part of it. This is exactly how the players want to feel when they play a game. They want to be involved so much so the experience becomes real. You can literally create your own avatar. Add a bit of a character to it and become a part of the game that you want to play. You need to have a good internet connection for this activity.

Vocal input

Another of their fascinating feature is the addition of vocal input to the game. It means that you can play your game by controlling the game vocally. It is like you are sitting on your comfortable chair or couch to play the game of your interest; you simply have to dictate the system whatever function or option you want to use on your game and it will recognize your voice and the words you speak in order to take action. This feature may come in the games as well in the near future. If anything, it will only enhance the gaming experience.

Cloud Gaming

Previously, what gamers had to do was download the games from the internet or buy CDs to play them on their computers. Cloud gaming has made the gaming experience a lot easier and interesting by making the game available without having to spend too much on the CDs or on the internet. With cloud gaming, one could access games on their phones or computers without having to deal with the internet hassles or others like that.

Gesture Control

One of the most enjoyable features of online gaming or casino gaming is being able to move our body while we play the characters we choose to play our games with. Once you are identified with the player, you can, with your own physical moves guide the character of the game to act in the same manner. This makes the experience of a game extremely exciting. Not just that, it is also very helpful and useful for people who criticize indoor games and the people who are trying to watch their weight. Mostly their argument is on the fact that one does not physically move while playing a game. If that becomes possible with a game, that a person moves, jumps, dances and what not while playing a game, it will make the experience of a game much more exciting and, as said before, useful.

This may also serve as an entertaining physical activity that will involve you mentally as well as physically. Losing weight while you munch on those snacks is not that bad an idea especially when you’re just sitting and eating as you play games on PlayStation.



Virtual Reality

We cannot help but mention the fact that gaming has brought a revolution in the gaming industry by inhabiting the essence of virtual reality to it. Virtual reality gives a person an alive experience out of fictional characters. The feeling and the experience that it gives to its players is extremely entertaining and life-altering. In such a type of game, you physically feel like you are a part of it and in that experience, you learn a lot about your own aspirations and physical strengths. It is not merely about physical activities; it also mentally equips a person to be alert and active in making actions. Virtual Reality aims at bringing revolution to the era of technology. It will have the ability to make anything possible – things that people only wish to accomplish in real life.

Mobile Gaming

With the latest technologies coming, one cannot overlook but appreciate how gaming experiences have gotten more interesting and fascinating; also, addictive. With games installed on the phone, one can sit at any place they like to play the games of their interest. In situations where one is sitting idly, or waiting for someone’s arrival, or just travelling from one city to another, mobile gaming helps him a great deal in spending his time in a fun activity. People also earn through online games. You can also download games on your phone.

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