Field Asset Management – An Overview

Team field service management requires good planning and anticipation of many aspects affecting the work. There is a need to know the current state of supply and processing capacity and how individual factors may affect the team’s condition in the near and distant future. Such goals require advanced means. Only the most modern solutions are able to provide both professional and efficient services, and thus – far-reaching competitiveness.

Field Service Management Software

Comarch FSM Asset Management is a system that helps manage team field service to achieve far-reaching operational efficiency and obtain satisfactory results. It significantly modernizes the entire process, allowing you to control its components using a smartphone. The Comarch FSM Asset Management system uses a mobile application as a database. Thanks to this, you can check the information you need in any place and at any time to have better control over less and more advanced processes.

The mobile nature of Comarch FSM Asset Management allows you to use QR codes to quickly and efficiently settle matters related to assets. Thanks to this solution, assets can be added, transferred and registered in an extremely short time.

Quick and Easy Asset Tracking

The fact that the system works in your phone also means that you receive information related to the activities carried out and changes taking place on an ongoing basis. In this way, you always know what the status of the processes is and what needs to be done to improve their efficiency. You can see everything at once without having to check each item one by one.

Comarch FSM Asset Management is your mobile database that you have at hand at any time. Gone are thick folders with countless documents that you have to look through for a long time to find anything. Now all the information you need is at your fingertips.


To make field asset management even easier and more efficient, Comach has prepared not only an IT system dedicated to this type of activities, but also a practical guide. This is a publication that is primarily devoted to subcontractor management. Thanks to the guide, you can gain in-depth knowledge of third-party workers and achieve even better, measurable results in the field of Field Asset Management. This is a real must-have for everyone that is interested in the subject – both long-term specialist and those who only begin their work in the complex domain of field asset management.

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