Everything You Need to Know about Pioneer Avic 8200nex

Pioneer as a producer of entertainment and speaker system has launched its latest product, Pioneer Avic 8200nex Navigation Receiver. The product is especially addressed to motorists. What is offered by this navigation system? Just keep reading this article to find out the answer.

What Is Avic 8200nex?

Pioneer Avic 8200nex comes with various navigation systems that are claimed to provide the motorist with high relation display of navigation receiver system. The product applies the particular system in which information is taken directly from a satellite. The information taken by Avic 8200nex will then be sent through an LED screen to the users’ car.

The producer of this tool claims that the system available will provide riders with hands – the free map which is not only practical but also easy to operate. The only con about the product is that it might come with the higher price if compared to the similar products available out there in the market.

The Features of the Navigation Receiver Series

The following list is the features available in Pioneer Avic 8200nex.

#1 Bluetooth

The first feature available in the product is Bluetooth. By using the feature, it will be possible for the users to automatically connect the item to registered devices not far from them which are also supported with turned on the Bluetooth connection. Thus, the users will be easier to change their music or safely make hands-free calls from their car.

#2 AppRadio Mode

The AppRadio Mode is created so that the users will be able to have full control over their contacts, messages, calendars, music, maps, and much more. By accessing the AppRdio Live provided by the application, the users will be able to stream important information such as news, media, and maps.

#3 Map Navigation

The product also comes with Map Navigation feature. It functions to take you to most recent and important database. The map navigation feature is aimed to give wide access for the users to various locations throughout the world from wherever they are.

#4 Navigation Settings

There are a lot of different languages the users can set by applying this feature include English, Spanish, and French. By using the feature, it is also possible for them to change the views of a map into 2D North Up, 2D heading – up, and 3D view.

#5 Display

This series of Pioneer Navigation Receiver also comes with the great display. The screen of the product is about 7 inches with 16:9 aspect ratio that makes it looks elegant and ideal. The screen also has 800 x 480 WVGA display to provide a clearer look.

#6 Connectivity

Just like the other receiver navigation product out there, this Avic 8200nex also provides connectivity. Besides the Bluetooth connection, it also has some different ways for the users to connect their devices. Some of the connectivity systems of the product include composite AV input, USB direct for any device from Apple, HDMI input, a composite video output, rear and dual USB connector, and rear Aux input. There will be also SDHC and SD memory card slot available for the users.

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