Everything to Know About the Android Instant Apps

Mobile applications are the new innovating technology that is making the life of every user easier with the help of the resources that it is capable of providing. In spite of the different platform mobile applications are able to provide complete usability to its users. Whether it is Android, iOS, or Windows good application provides the same functionality to the user.

Nowadays users are downloading the application that may be helpful to the user based on the reviews that the companies are providing. These applications cannot be as useful as they say in the description and the application feels useless to the user. It is not always the fault of the developer, but sometimes the design and the functionality of the application cannot be satisfying or even functional.

Apple has a strict policy against such weak development practices, therefore it reviews each application before letting it publish it in the app store. Android, however, has no such review policy that can prevent such apps. Google has been looking for methods to prevent the use of such applications in the play store. Therefore, at last, they came up with the idea of Instant apps.

What are instant apps?

Instant applications are the new innovative idea from Android to its user so that the user can test the application before even downloading it making the user judge of any application. It is the next step of evolution for mobile apps on Android platform. These apps are actually not any micro applications that you need to download, rather than it provides you with real-time use of the application. The use of the instant application may resemble browsing on a webpage.

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Compatibility of instant apps

The compatibility of the instant apps will be available to the Jelly beam version. Although the Android promises smooth use of the application across multiple devices, it is also believed that many screens wouldn’t be able to display the instant apps. Thus the compatibility issue is under observation with the developers and the solution to it will be out soon.

Pros and cons of instant apps

The Instant apps are a time saver for the users who are fed up with looking for applications that can fit their use. The instant app allows the user to easily test the application before downloading it. Google estimated the time taken to search the store can be cut one third if the instant apps come into full use. The instant apps will also refine the search results based on the previous search results and the choice of the other users.

The Instant apps are also believed by many as a distraction the user and more time will be wasted because of searching. The instant apps will also be a blow to the SEO marketers who optimize the pages according to the keywords, which will also encourage black hat SEO and online scams. Difference between general application and Instant applications.

The general applications are available to the user in “apk” format where the instant apps don’t need to be download by the user. The complete application of 50MB can be fit into a 4MB instant application which makes the access to the instant apps easy. This process is called modulation where you are breaking a big process into a small piece without affecting the integrity of the application.

Although instant apps are new, it has been adopted by several big brands to make their user comfortable in downloading their complete application. There are many Android App Development companies in India, USA, Australia, etc that are also releasing instant applications for their general applications which have been proved beneficial for their business. If you are planning to develop an Instant application for your business make sure that your application puts forth the point that you want to convey.

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