Effective Marketing Tips to Optimise Your Facebook Page

Facebook is the most powerful marketing tool in the present times. It currently registers 1,871,000,000 active users and the number is still counting. When it comes to building marketing strategies for any business, it is really difficult to ignore the figure of its active users. Thus, businesses of every possible size and shape in London include this popular social network while designing their marketing strategy.

Facebook on the other hand, keeps introducing newer features and options to help businesses with tailoring their respective marketing strategies. Unfortunately, most businesses lack proper technical expertise to reap optimum benefits that it offers. Here are some helpful Facebook marketing tips that can help businesses enjoy greater mileage in promoting themselves.

Go for customized settings:

Keep your Facebook template updated, so that it describes your business perfectly. The standard templates that Facebook offers include shopping, venues, business, services, restaurants and cafes. You should also use Similar Pages Recommendations, as FB suggests your page to its organic traffic through this feature. On enabling Response Assistance, it will be possible for you to respond to people, with an automated customised message.

Using different Post Styles:

One of the vital Facebook advertising tips is treat posts just like a marketing tool. There are different free and paid services, when it comes to post Styles. “Create and Event” and “Create an Offer” are some free services you can use. There are also “Call to Action” style posts to boost activity. Make sure to select the option that naturally goes with your post’s objective.

Boost your targeted followers:

It is obvious that you want to increase followers to your content and get more shares for it. Experts from a reliable Facebook marketing agency in London have some helpful tips on the given aspect. Invite people, who like your posts, to like your Facebook page. Just click on the likes of a particular post and a window will pop up, which will show all the contacts along with their status as a follower or not to your page. You can invite those contacts, which are not followers.

Share your page with friends:

Although this strategy is not exactly new, but it is worth mentioning. Use your personal connections on Facebook to share your page with. Your friends will receive a Facebook notification. But make sure, this feature is helpful only when your page will mutually benefit you and your friend.

Data analysis:

Facebook Insights is the tool that helps you by providing user-related data at your fingertip. Some of the most reputed Facebook marketing agencies in the UK use it to authenticate the following user-related information:

  • When the followers are mostly online
  • What type of posts are getting maximum engagement and driving exposure

This information will help in choosing the right kind of posts and the right time of posting.
The following tips of DubSEO will help you securing greater mileage from Facebook in making your brand more popular to your target audience.

The author is an established marketing honcho in a reputed SEO agency in London. He often writes on topics related to this field.