The ECC 521 can make your smartphone smarter


When is your smartphone at its most vulnerable worst? Many people refuse to admit that there could be anything called vulnerability as far as their smartphones are concerned. They have the opinion that they have the latest security systems installed in their smartphones. No one would be able to have access to their phones because of the strict access controls. One has to agree with them in this score. However, they do not realize that their smartphones are most vulnerable when they transmit the messages into the wide world of the internet. What they need now is ECC encrypted messaging to state that their phones are absolutely safe.

The youngsters of today love to message their friends. The latest smartphones allow them the facility of instant messaging through social media network. This facility has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that one can get the message across almost on an immediate basis and obtain feedback almost instantaneously. The disadvantage is that there are chances of sharing confidential information that can provide the right kind of oxygen to the hackers.

You can subvert this by deleting the message immediately after sending the same. You can also ask your social media contact to do the same at his end. However, the messages do remain in the memory of the transitional servers. The hacker can get the information from this place. The ECC 521 security system has a fantastic riposte to this problem. They have the self-destructing message system whereby the system deletes the message almost immediately from both the phones automatically. In addition, this system ensures that it deletes the messages from the transit servers as well. This can put the hacker on the back foot almost immediately.

This system has an improvisation as well. There are chances that the recipient might just not read the message immediately the moment you send them. Under such circumstances, you have the facility to delay the destruction by a pre-determined period. At the appointed time, the system takes over and deletes the message from everywhere.

In spite of all the precautions you take, there are chances that the hacker might resort to physical violence and snatch the phone from you. Under such circumstances, he might just threaten you to divulge the password. This is more a test of your character and inner strength. The ECC security system can come to your rescue in this situation. Of course, they will not send an SMS to the police or anything of that sort.

The ECC 521 has a system of the duress password using which you will be able to hoodwink your assailants. You can conveniently divulge this password to them. On entering the password, the data on the phone will start disintegrating one by one thereby rendering the phone useless for the hacker. You can have the last laugh.

These are vital features not found anywhere else in any security system. Hence, there is every chance that the hacker might just not know about the same. This is how ECC 521 could save your day.