Does Web Hosting Type Affect Your SEO

When we talk about website SEO so all things matter a lot. Especially web hosting because hosting is main part for the website we must to choose right web hosting. Some basic point which you keep in mind when you buying a web hosting. Like Up-time speed, reliability, and 24/7 customer support.

Let’s talk about impact of hosting in SEO. There is more impact of hosting which becomes a reason of website rankling low in search engine. When we make a website so first we want to check that. The plan which I can buy is compatible for my website. Most of the people make there eCommerce website on small web hosting plan.

After some time the website take more time in loading. And as you know that speed is become a rankling factor in SEO. So if you want to improve your ranking so follow all the steps.

Important thing which affect your ranking in SEO

If you can buy right web hosting so more chances to improve the ranking. But on the time when you cannot get success in choosing right web hosting plan so it may be hurt your ranking in SEO. Now we are going to share web hosting can effect on ranking in SEO.

Speed effect in SEO ranking

When you are doing great in on page and of page SEO but your site speed is low. So you need to improve your ranking to get top ranking. And only improve the speed of website is not enough for get ranking. You also need to choose improve your on page or of page techniques. If your website have low speed you it’s also become a reason of increase the bounce rate of your website.

Data loss can also decrease your ranking in SEO

No one who thing about this data loss but some time it’s happen. If your website will be hacked by hacker and some virus will be accuse in your website. And your all data is loosed so what can you do on that time. So you need to take care for all this Trojans. If this type of disaster you will face so your site ranking become Zero.

So when you are buying web hosting you also need check the company provide backup data of the website. Some of the hosting provider company demand for the money for providing backup data. Like HostGator they provide backup data to all the customers.

SSL certificate

Now SSL certificate is become an important part and trust factor. If your website is not able to create trust in the mind of Google. So it’s hard to get top ranking in SEO. This is also same with your visitors. If your visitors don’t trust you, then they would not purchase anything from your website. So SSL certificate help to generate in trust toward the website.

How to choose right web host

When you are going to buy web hosting first know about the plan. Before making your website then buy when hosting according to your need. If you need to make a simple website so you can go for shared hosting. And if you need to make multi-page eCommerce website so you can choose VPS server or dedicated server.

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