Costs Involved in Building a Standard Android Ecommerce App

In today’s evolving and thriving e-commerce industry, creating cutting-edge mobile applications is the only way to grow and prosper a business. Trends and analytics are changing every day, and search engine companies like Google roll out new, more robust algorithms periodically. This makes app developers’ jobs more complex and time-consuming. 

According to a recent report, more than 79% of the total e-commerce sales are generated via mobile phones. Meaning that apps are a vital source to sell goods and services online. Hence, as a business manager, you should budget e-commerce app development as accurately as possible. According to Clutch, the average cost of e-commerce app development can be from 30,000 USD. 

This blog will help you understand all the factors affecting e-commerce app costs. 

Android E-commerce App Design

Next, you need to create a cutting-edge app design that’s not just attractive, but fast, streamlined, well-organized, and user-friendly. To maximize cost-effectiveness in this step, we recommend hiring a professional e-commerce app developer. 

An adept app developer can take care of logo design, product placement, and app analytics by creating a result-driven e-commerce app for your business. 

Android E-commerce App Features

After the design is approved and curated, the next step is to lace the e-commerce app with the right features. Many businesses often overload or under-load the app with features that end up in customer dissatisfaction. Create a unique balance among login/logout, subscription, payment gateways, and checkout tabs to ensure a smooth shopping journey.

The e-commerce app features you choose will affect the overall cost of the app development. 

A girl shopping via e-commerce app

App Maintenance 

Ecommerce apps are the most highly demanding types of mobile applications. They need to be analyzed, assessed, and trouble-shot regularly. This is called app maintenance. Without keeping tabs on what needs to be changed, added, or removed from their app, businesses cannot create a long-lasting tool for customers.

Other Factors Affecting Android App Development Costs

Some of the other costs involved in creating a standard Android e-commerce app include:

  • Wireframe costs
  • UI/UX design charges
  • Coding costs
  • Test and trial costs

Additional costs such as Google Play launching charges, in-app payment fees, updates, hosting, payment gateway fee, SSL certificate charges, and domain fee. Considering all the costs mentioned above, a standard e-commerce app can be developed within the range of 30 and 150 thousand USD. Consulting a renowned e-commerce app development company can help you further understand the nitty-gritty aspects that affect the total cost.

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