Cloud Hosting: Working & Benefits

It is the latest form of hosting which has become extremely popular over time. In cloud hosting, the resources required for maintaining the website are spread across any web servers and are rendered as per need basis.

As expected it significantly reduces the chances of any downtime in case of the server malfunction. Another reason why cloud hosting services are being used that it allows you to manage the peak loads without offering any bandwidth issues. There is always a server that can provide the additional resources in such a case. So your website is not dependent on just a single server but rather a cluster of servers that work together to form a cloud.

How Is Google Making Use Of Cloud Hosting?


A great example real-time of cloud hosting is Google itself. The world’s largest search engine has spread its resources over hundreds of servers on the cloud. That’s the secret behind zero downtime of over the decade or so. If you try to recall a single instance of when the Google was down, you’ll not find any.

Understanding the Working of Cloud

Each server in the cloud helps in carrying a particular set of tasks. In case any one of the servers fails, other servers kick-in as back-up to render the required resources. If there is an overload condition, it is undertaken in the overload condition as well. But with the usage of the low-quality server hardware, it can significantly hamper the performance. So you have to be very careful while choosing the hosting provider as the very idea of cloud hosting will fail if the low-quality hardware is used.

Enterprise Computing

When you provide enterprise-level hosting services, it goes without saying that quality needs to be a prime focus. High-quality enterprise cloud providers make the use of VMware and deliver extremely reliable performance in the form of cloud hosting services. Such performance is often better than the dedicated servers.

How Is Cloud Hosting Better Than Dedicated Servers & VPS?

As compared to the dedicated servers in cloud hosting the reliability is very high with cloud hosting. And the reasons are pretty obvious; there are multiple servers which are always ready to take the responsibility in case of failure. So you can rely on the cloud hosting to overcome any emergencies without breaking the sweat. The pricing of the cloud hosting service depends on the actual usage and the heavy usage as well. When you go for VPS hosting and the traditional shared hosting, the cost factor is very less, but then the reliability is under the question as well. For the unaware, in case of VPS, a single server is divided into many chunks, and each portion is managed by the particular user. It means the capital investment is very low. VPS is meant for those who aren’t looking out for the reliability aspect of the cloud hosting.

Benefits You Get From Cloud Hosting

Now let’s see what the various cloud hosting service benefits are:

Pay For What You Use

When it comes to cloud hosting it can reduce the costs as customers are billed only for the resources that they procure. It helps in the upgradation costs by helping them make the most of the existing IT infrastructure.

Instantaneous Allocation of Resources

In this hosting, you get the scalability on demand. It allows websites and business to add or reduce resources like bandwidth, RAM, and storage, etc. as per the needs of the business.

Productivity Enhancement

It enables the employees of the organization to work on the same files. They can share the same document by sharing files, applications and other documents online, irrespective of the location they are working. So what you have is a flexible and smart working in the workplace.

Independence of Location

When you host your business in the cloud, the platform becomes globally accessible as cloud servers are present across the world. They are available anywhere on an internet connection with the help of any device desktop, laptop or the mobile

No Single Point of Failure

In cloud hosting, there is no single point of failure. The hosting claims to provide 99 percent uptime as it is a system of interconnected servers. If any single server is not able to take the client’s request, then the other one from the multiple servers take over the work-load of failed server automatically.

Disaster Recovery

Once you go for the cloud hosting, you don’t have to buy any expensive hardware and software for disaster recovery. All the data is backed up automatically to the connected servers of the cloud.

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When you are looking for cloud hosting services, just make sure that the provider is using best quality hardware or the very purpose of opting for cloud computing will be defeated. Let me explain you few renowned names in cloud hosting services such as Sify Technologies, Big Rock, Go4hosting, CTRLS etc. Choose whichever suits to your requirement.

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