Certificate Authorities That Offer Free SSL Certificates

With internet security becoming a major cause of concern, more and more websites (especially transactional and membership based ones) are opting for SSL certificates that increase visitor security by encrypting the data transmitted between the client (visitor’s browser) and the server (which hosts the website).

Apart from making websites secure for visitors, these SSL certificates also increase a website’s credibility and also its search engine ranking, as browsers these days (especially Google’s Chrome which is the most popular browser at the moment) recommend only websites which contain SSL certificates as ‘secure ones’.

Studies indicate even a blog can benefit from an SSL certificate as it’s known to boost search engine ranking.

With SSL having gained so much importance, it is worth making note of some of the Certificate Authorities (CAs) out there which are offering SSL Certificates for free. Yes, you read it right. For free!

1. Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt is a recently launched Certificate Authority (CA) which aims at securing or encrypting all connections to the World Wide Web servers. It automates the certificate issuance process, making it less complicated. Only domain-validaton certificates are being issued currently. Others (Organization, Extended, and Wildcard Certificates) are not available.

2. Comodo and Instantssl.com

Certificate Authorities Comodo and Instantssl.com provide free SSL certificate for 60 and 90 days respectively; enough time for those who wish to find or try out how SSL works. Of the two, Comodo issued certificates command high value among the popular browsers.

3. Cloud Flare

Another Certificate Authority which offers SSL for free is website performance and security company Cloud Flare. Cloud Flare powers popular websites including Reddit, yelp, StackOverflow etc. Recently, Cloud Flare announced free universal SSL for all the users. That’s right even if you are in the free plan. So if you are using Cloud Flare and SSL is not yet activated then here is how you can do it quickly.

  • Login into Cloud Flare
  • Select the website you want to enable SSL
  • Click on Crypto icon
  • Ensure it’s configured as “Flexible” and status shows as “ACTIVE CERTIFICATE”

4. StartCom

StartCom gives free certificate for personal use. In order to get the cert, you need to validate the domain ownership.

5. SSL For Free

SSL for free offers 100% free SSL certificates and the certificates are usually issued in minutes. These certificates are generated using Let’s Encrypt’s ACME Server.

Other CA(s) Which Offer SSL Free for 30 Days:

  • GeoTrust
  • Symantec
  • Entrust (60 days)
  • Trustico
  • Quality SSL

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Thilak is a Technical Content Writer from Comodo, who writes blogs and articles on internet security. His posts generally aim to create awareness about virus, Endpoint protection, malware’s and firewall.