Borderlands 3 Could Be Announced in 2017

Borderlands 3 has been a mystery ever since 2012 when Borderlands 2 came out. The ending of Borderlands 2 left fans craving for more of the Vault hunting action that had started driving them crazy since the original game surfaced in 2009. The fact that the series went on to win numerous awards and accolades and were the best-selling games in their year of release made Borderlands lovers everywhere certain that a new game was on the way. Gearbox did launch a pre-sequel in 2014 which was tremendously well received, but the fact remains that we want to see what happens moving forward in the story.

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This is where what is popularly known as Borderlands 3 comes in. The game has been in the talks for a long time, and rarely a time has gone by when the creators or those involved with the previous games have not been asked about the future of the series whenever they have made a panel appearance. While we did not learn a great deal from their answers, one thing was very much clear- that Borderlands 3 was definitely going to happen somewhere down the line. Therefore, questions about Borderlands 3 release date have been doing the rounds for a very long time.

That is something that is yet to be shed a light on, but there are some telling hints from the creators to consider, and most of them involve the invaluable inputs of Gearbox Chief Randy Pitchford. Back in 2015, Pitchford had said that the next Borderlands game was going to be huge as it had a lot to live up to. We also think that bringing the attention back to the series’ present timeline needed a lot of work. But we liked the fact that the creators had said that it was going to be their most ambitious project yet. That can only mean a whole lot of good things, but the truth is, a game that massive would need a lot of time in the making before Gearbox is satisfied enough to launch it.

Pitchford also stated that Borderlands 3 might not be named Borderlands 3 at all, but perhaps Borderlands 4. This seems justified because the main series already has a total of three titles- the original Borderlands that came out in 2009, Borderlands 2 which released in 2012, and finally, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel that came out three years back. However, it now looks like the ideation part of the title is over and the game has finally gone into production.

We say this because of a couple of reveals from the stable of Gearbox that started rearing their head from early this year. The first one was a video demonstration of a new technology that the studio was building on the Unreal Engine 4 that took place at the GDC 2017. The video included clips of landscapes that looked like they definitely belonged to the world of Borderlands and more notably, a character from the upcoming game. The fact that this was all related to the Borderlands series was hinted at by Pitchford himself when he said that the new technology could be made use of in a future Borderlands game.

The most recent revelation is even more intriguing. Pitchford recently shared a picture of himself dressed up in motion capture outfits for an unnamed video game. He said that he was playing the part of a psycho bandit in this project- a character that we are tempted to believe would fit in seamlessly into Borderlands 3, if that is indeed the game in question.

Based on all this, it seems like Borderlands 3, or whatever Gearbox wished to call their new Borderlands game, is definitely in production. This is good news, for it might mean that we will probably get an official announcement sometime in 2017, with the game possibly coming out in 2018.

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