Blockchain Developers in Demand: Ways to Build a Career

Blockchain was initially launched to support bitcoin; however, it now has a magnanimous impact across all sectors. It is increasingly penetrating various industries including the music industry, the gaming industry and the manufacturing industry among others. The technology has become so impactful in just a limited amount of time that it won’t be wrong to say that it has the capability to completely overturn the way we conduct businesses online. It is a superb ingenious invention that entails a digital ledger that records all economic transactions and every other information that is valuable.

How to build a career as Blockchain developer?

Blockchain developers have an exciting career ahead beside higher salary range. Professionals are increasingly resorting to Blockchain certification to get hired by ultra-tech industries.

Here is a guide to help you develop a career as a Blockchain developer

#1 Learn the basics: The journey for any profession starts with learning the fundamentals. For beginners, there are Blockchain online courses to teach you the following basics:

  • What is Blockchain?
  • How does this technology work?
  • Is Blockchain technology decentralized?
  • What is the consensus mechanism?
  • What is Initial Coin Offering?
  • What is cryptoeconomics?

#2 Understand the process of Blockchain technology 

 Most developers are unaware of the science behind the stages involved in the Blockchain process. There is also no ready platform available to test the technology in a corporate environment. So when you register for any Blockchain course, this is one major benefit you get. Alternatively, you can try out Coinbase to learn how this entire technology works. You can even trade in just a few coins to learn the process. Your coins get encashed in the online wallet.

#3 Get familiar with coding

Coding is the prime requirement necessary to learn to become a Blockchain developer. It is necessary for many reasons such as

  • Security: The code is usually made public which makes it highly vulnerable to hackers.
  • Resource management: You need to be able to answer any concerns that crop up on the network, beyond maintaining the pace at which the network works.

#4 Check performance

Some functions in Blockchain technology can be carried out parallelly like digital signatures. These can be easily copied and verified from one server to another. To make all transitions work parallelly, you need to choose an extremely versatile language. As a Blockchain developer, you are required to learn various languages such as C++, Javascript, html, CSS.

#5 Learn how to build smart contracts

Smart contracts are protocols designed on computers to verify the performance of a certain contract. All the information that is run on Blockchain must be able to pass through multiple nodes without any distortion in its quality. The person who is able to make this happen is called the Smart Contract Developer.

#6 Stay tuned

You need to be a part of the right forums or communities to be able to interact with other Blockchain developers. Blockchain online courses are a great way to get introduced to other developers.

If you are not able to follow all the steps that are mentioned above,  do not lose heart as you might still make a career as a Blockchain Generalist. This career option works out for those who have a generalist’s profile and are not tech savvy. For instance, if you have a background in hotel or retail, or you are a financial advisor or a business analyst, then, Blockchain generalist’s profile is for you.

Neha Singh is a full-time writer with a keen interest in blogging and penning articles on any topic under the sun. She believes in living life to the fullest, and is on a constant lookout for new skills that she can acquire.