Best Data Recovery Tools: Your Lifesavers When Important Files Are Gone

Nothing breaks the heart more than the loss of your precious data that were very close to your heart, your most cherished moments. It only takes a blink of an eye to lose all your data from the hard drive because of hackers, thieves, malfunctions, virus, and all. The situation gets even worse when you have no backup of those data, it feels like the end of the world. So, what are you to do when you fall victim to such a situation?

Well, certain steps can be taken to recuperate your precious data from your burned or corrupted hard drive. There are numerous recovery tools that have been serving individuals for long to get back their important business or individual information.

Now the question is, how do you realize which are the best tools or software that you ought to use to get back your information? We will talk on that particular topic today. Let’s get started with the best data recovery tools available today.

MiniTool Power

MiniTool Power comes with a fundamental exhortation that is needed while installing the program. This tool has a free version as well as a paid version. You are likely to get some limitations in the free version. This software will allow you to get up to 1GB of files back. Many hard disk recovery services tend to utilize this software for their own recovery processes.

On this tool, you are likely to get the option to specify your scans to a particular fire type. This tool is considered one of the bests because it brings data recovered from partitions which even you can’t see. The time it takes to scan the files is very minimal and you can also search the results that you are looking for. This is an amazing software that can make sure of your data recovery.

Disk Drill

People love to use Disk Drill as it comes with a basic and wonderful interface. It does not include you with complex alternatives and you can undoubtedly scan memory cards, local disks, and removable disks. Besides, it allows you to preview picture records ahead of time. In case you are apprehensive about the data recovery, Disk Drill features a short tutorial for you at the initial stage so that you can let go of all your confusion.

You can get this tool installed on both of your Windows and macOS devices. When you update the software into the Pro version, you will have an increased opportunity to use the software on various computers. The advanced option in the Pro version may include pro-level scanning, a bigger system of files, etc. But, you are likely to cover up your operation son the free version most of the time.


EaseUS also has a basic and friendly interface that is very accessible to almost all sorts of users. Once you install the software, it will jump up with the decision of picking the drive to check for recovering data. You can’t have the alternative to arrange but if you can recollect the area where the information is missing from, you can pick that folder to have a speedy recovery.

On this tool, the outcomes will be introduced in an explorer-style to you. This result viewing feature makes it very easy to explore. However, this tool fails to present the nature of the found files. But, with the review option, you can have a look at them prior to restoring.

The free form of this apparatus will enable you to get 2GB of information back. Sometimes 2GB is insufficient for most of the users, yet at the same time, you recover your needed files back within 2GB.


In a short time, Recuva has gained a lot of followers out of their excellent performance. This software is not limited to memory cards and hard disks, you can even recover your data from iPod as well. Recuva comes with a wizard that helps its users to go through the whole process. Along with its nice and flexible interface, this program would be ideal for anyone.

Just like MiniTool power, you are likewise going to have an option to specify your scans along with a deep powerful scan. It also has the feature of searching for the specific file type and it’s great for tool flexibility.

Moreover, you can delete files that you no longer need and which are useless to your recovery operation. But, this tool tends to promote too much for their Pro version. So, it’s optimal that you turn a blind eye and optimize this great tool if you are not willing to purchase the Pro one yet.

UnDeleteMyFiles Pro

Though there is a “pro” word in the name of this tool, it is completely free. Along with the data recovery features, you can have many other tools in this software as well. Find the data in a reasonable state and get it back with this program easily.

Though this tool does not include a lot of features when it comes to data recovery, you can still have the feature to search for specific files.

Additionally, there is a disk snapshot tool that allows you to make a backup on your files. Sometimes we get an urgent call from the office and we can’t recover our data at that time. This backup feature helps you to get back your data later when you are free. This tool worths your attention, though it’s not the top tool among all still a good one we can say that.

Before deciding on a particular data recovery software, make sure you check the compatibility, durability, and flexibility within the software. Losing your valuable data is one of the most disheartening moments but these data recovery software has solved the problem. Know your requirements, check each of these programs mentioned above, and decide on the one which meets all your needs accordingly.

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