Best 5 Mobile App Testing Tools for iOS and Android

Mobile apps can bring great value to any business and make it possible for the brand to become a household name. Whether it is a gaming app, a travel services app, an email app or a social media app, it is very important that the app offers top-notch performance to the users so that they can ensure a seamless experience for the users.

This is something that can only be ensured by making use of the best app testing automation tools that can be used for checking the functionality, consistency, usability as well as the security of a mobile app. 

Here is a look at the 5 best mobile app testing tools for iOS and Android apps that app development companies should consider using for managing their app testing requirements. 



Calabash is one of the best app testing automation tools that can be used for both Android and iOS apps. This open-source tool is regularly used by professional quality engineers working in various software development agencies. Some of the emerging Salesforce development companies in India also using this tool to test their mobile apps integrated with salesforce CRM. It can work with a test code for programmatically interact with all kinds of native and hybrid apps. With Calabash, you can perform automation testing for your app for thousands of devices within the cloud platform.

It functions as a mechanized acceptance app testing system that can carry out automated functional tests for the mobile local applications. The tool can also be used for testing the efficiency of the APIs of local applications on the touchscreen gadgets. 

Calabash consists of libraries that allow test-code to collaborate automatically with numerous applications. By underpinning the framework cucumber Calabash makes it easier for non-specialized QA personnel and business specialists to benefit from it.  

SeeTest Continuous Testing Platform 

SeeTest Continuous Testing Platform is created by Experitest and can be used for automation testing of both Android and iOS applications. With the help of the SeeTest Continuous Testing Platform, it is possible to test mobile applications constantly so that quickness and efficiency of the discharge cycles, as well as the increment quality, are always maintained.

This testing tool allows users to develop ways for performing powerful Appium tests in an effortless and rapid manner with the help of visual test advancement systems like test recorders, device reflection systems, and Object Spy. 

SeeTest Continuous Testing Platform also lets users test applications on company gadgets for both iOS and Android so that fast input is generated with better discharge cycles. It is possible to utilize visual reports effortlessly which makes use of screen captures, log documents and recordings. The quality status can be comprehended with test examination dashboards. Manual tests of applications can be performed with cell phones. 

TestComplete Mobile by SmartBear 

TestComplete Mobile by SmartBear

TestComplete Mobile can be used for launching repeatable UI tests for both local and crossover mobile applications. Made SmartBear, this app testing automation program can be used for both Android and iOS applications. The mechanized testing tool is perfect for carrying out versatile tests for business devices.

With TestComplete Mobile, you can automate UI tests on the virtual machines, genuine cell phones and emulators. It also allows you to replay activities and utilize content free record for working with mechanized test contents. You can also browse through programming dialects like JavaScript, Python and VBScript. 



Testdroid is a dedicated application testing program for Android and iOS apps that is used frequently by app developers. It functions as a cloud-based testing instrument for compact applications. With Testdroid, engineers can save costs as they perform application improvement. They can also bring down operational and unpredictable costs using Testdroid. The time taken to publicize the application can also be shortened with Testdroid. 

The great thing about Testdroid is that it helps to test applications against all kinds of genuine iOS and Android gadgets along with different hardware stages, OS types and screen resolutions. Testdroid is one of the best programs for testing iOS and Android games. With Testdroid, users can enjoy remote manual access for 300+ genuine gadgets that are run on Android before they are being launched. 


Kobiton is a testing platform that is suitable for applications running on Android device cloud and iOS. It can provide complete control over all the genuine cell phones during manual testing through the application of multi-touch signals and features like GPS re-enactments, gadget association administration, speaker control and camera control. Kobiton is built over the Appium open-source system.

It also offers centralized testing history as well as information logs to ensure expanded coordinated effort. It can also take automatic screen captures, record metadata, build movement logs and charges so that you can use such information to resolve issues quickly and enhance the quality of the apps you are currently working on.   

The above-mentioned application testing automation programs can offer a seamless testing experience every time. So make sure that you use them for generating the optimum results of your app testing efforts.

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