Benefits of SSD VPS Hosting

Over the last few years, Virtual Private Server Hosting has evolved into a preferred hosting type. This is primarily due to the range of features and benefits offered and the cost-efficiency of the plans. By hosting your website on a virtual server, you get the benefits of a dedicated server without the associated costs. Further, the storage device of the web server plays an important role in the performance of the website. This is the reason why SSD VPS Hosting has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent times. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of SSD VPS Hosting.

What is SSD VPS Hosting?

In simple words, in a Solid-State Drive VPS Hosting plan, the provider uses an SSD disk instead of the traditional hard drives on the server. These SSD disks offer faster processing speeds, lower consumption of power, and better resistance to any physical damage.

Benefits of SSD VPS Hosting

Here are some reasons why websites are preferring SSD VPS Hosting plans.

#1 Efficiency

SSD offers a higher speed of reading and writing data which leads to a better performance of the resources involved in processing requests. If the storage is fast, then the processor does not have to wait for it to complete the earlier requests which enhance the speed and performance of the server.

#2 Cost-efficiency

If we only focus on the price, then an SSD VPS Hosting plan is only a few dollars costlier than an HDD VPS Hosting plan. At this small difference, there is a marked improvement in performance and speed of the website.

Another consideration is the ever-reducing price of this technology. As the technology continues to evolve at a fast pace, followed by growing volumes of economies of scale, the costs continue to come down.

#3 Root Access

Most SSD VPS Hosting providers offer complete root access, so you can install all the applications that you need on your server. This enables you to customise your hosting environment as well as take precautions to safekeep your data in case of any unforeseen disaster.

#4 Reliability

Hard Disk Drives or HDDs have moving parts which wear down after use and are also susceptible to physical damage. SSDs, on the other hand, have no moving parts and use technologies which can sustain for a longer period of time. Hence, they are more reliable than traditional hard drives.

#5 More Data Safety

The reliability offered by the technology further translates into data safety. When a website is hosted on HDD servers, there is always a chance for potential data loss. Anyone who has been using a laptop with HDD storage knows how sensitive the technology could be. Unlike HDDs, SSD systems don’t have any mechanical parts. This prevents any potential damages due to movement. This also lowers or eliminates any long-term wear and tear.

#6 Power-saving

SSDs consume less power since they allow the processing resources to work faster.

Typically, SSD VPS Hosting benefits all kinds of websites. However, it is especially beneficial for the following sites:

  • Sites using WordPress where the information is sought from a file system and database. An SSD instead of an HDD can ensure that these requests are processed faster.
  • Any application or website which has an active database
  • E-Commerce platforms (since speed is critical for selling more)
  • Better SEO ranking (since site speed is a parameter in determining the page rank in search engine results), etc.
  • SSD VPS hosting is beneficial for the environment. It consumes only around 20% of the power used by HDD systems. This can not only help in lowering your carbon footprint, but also in lowering costs.

#7 No More Data Fragmentation

Data fragmentation is one of the reasons why HDD based VPS hosting services’ performance gets affected. The absence of fragmentation in SSD helps in instant location of data. This further contributes to enhanced performance of your site and applications.

Given all these advantages of SSD VPS hosting, it is perfect hosting solution for those who have websites with high volume of dynamically generated content. It helps prevent lag and user experience, thus contributing to your business’ growth. Even if price is a concern, it has been dropping at a consistent rate as the technology is being adopted at a very fast pace. Upgrading from an HDD based hosting solution to SSD VPS hosting can make a huge difference in how your website or applications perform. If your budget allows it, you have every reason to take the leap forward in technology.


Most VPS Hosting providers realise the power and potential of SSDs and offer plans with allotted SSD disk space. Remember, creating a good-looking site, engaging and original content, and marketing the site/content can only ensure that the user visits your website. Once there, if the experience does not speak highly of your brand, then you can lose an opportunity of converting the visit into business. Therefore, you must ensure that the VPS Hosting plan that you opt for, offers the best platform for your website to grow and thrive. Research well and choose meticulously.

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