Apps that Killing Smartphone Battery Rapidly

At present smartphone is a part and parcel in our regular life. We can’t think of a single day without a smartphone. We are using a lot of important apps to do tasks. But if you don’t have enough charge in your smartphone then it is useless. So we need to keep our smartphone turning on for all day. Though there are some alternative ways to keep your smartphone charge for a long time, like using portable power bank. But it is quite irritating to carry an extra power bank with us. We can minimize using highly energy draining apps so that our smartphone lasts long. I know it is a matter of sorrow to mitigate using apps. I find out some Apps that are killing your smartphone battery rapidly.

Battery Killing Apps-

FB Apps
Facebook apps take huge charge to run. Though it is one of the most popular social media app. You can keep your data connection off to save your   battery life and no need to disable fb apps.

Facebook messenger is one of the popular facebook real time chatting apps that already downloaded more than 1 billion times. People hardly can realize that this most needed facebook apps take too much power to run. Be aware if you are using Facebook messenger and keep your apps off while do not use.

Clean Master Apps
Clean master is the other security apps that is popular for refreshing android smartphone and antivirus purpose. It stays always on in your smartphone background. It takes too much battery energy.

SnapChat Apps
SnapChat might be a fun apps that make your photo destruct and keep it live for a while. You can’t save images directly from snapchat. This funny apps requires too much battery power to run.

Amazon Shopping Apps
The amazon shopping is a little more battery drainer apps. It is really a disappointed issue that this important app uses more battery power. Amazon shopping apps isn’t perfectly optimized for android devices.

Google Chrome
Google chrome is a popular browser nowadays for android smartphone user. This web browser is enough efficient for mobile user but the disadvantages Google chrome is this is another battery killing android apps.

Skype is a popular video calling apps since a long time and still popular among the professional people for video conference. This android apps killing battery rapidly too.

Outlook Apps
Outlook apps is another popular apps for checking email frequently. The email syncrising rate is too high that drains your smartphone battery power such a high rate. I think outlook app is not mandatory for your android smartphone. Android default apps is enough for checking your emails

BBC News Apps
The BBC News App is another most battery killing apps. People generally want to know about the current news of the world. There is an easy solution to save your battery life. Uninstall your BBC news apps and create a website shortcut in your smartphone home screen. I think it gives you the same experience as BBC news apps.

Twitter is a popular social media platform to get real time update. It has a limited characters post update system that is too much popular to update short news. This Twitter apps is a really battery killing apps for the smartphone user.

I hardly get people who are not conscious about their device security and mostly using free antivirus in their smartphone to make their smartphone secure. It’s obvious that these antivirus are not much effective for your phone regardless these apps killing your smartphone battery rapidly.

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Some tips to increase your smartphone battery life-

  • You don’t need to keep your screen brightness high all the time. Deem your screen brightness of your smartphone to save battery charge. While you see something important and reading deeply then increase your screen brightness.
  • You don’t need to keep your Data connection turn on all the time. It also irritating hearing notification tone all the time even if you are in an important meeting. So Keep your wifi and data connection off while do not use.
  • Set the screen time out short. Maybe 5/10 sec perfect because you don’t need to keep your screen on while you do not use your phone.
  • Before keep your smartphone in your pocket just make sure there are no background apps running. Sometimes we forget to remove our recent history and recent using apps from our background thus it killing our smartphone battery that we never realize.
  • Uninstall irrelevant and unnecessary apps. You do not only get long battery backup but also it makes your smartphone faster if you do not install too much apps.
  • Every smartphone operating system comes with some default pre-installed apps that is totally useless for us. We hardly feel useful of these apps. It’s important to disable these apps to ensure our battery life lasting long.

Hope these tips are help you to keep your smartphone on for a long time and increase your battery life time. If this post seems helpful to you please share with your friends.

Missing anything important or do you know any apps that is less useful and requiring more battery power? Let us know through comments.