Apps Development: these 5 trends are likely to rule

Smartphones are not just the luxury but need for every individual these days. Android and iOS development industry has seen a significant boost in demand for apps in 2017 and is expected to grow even more in the years ahead.

As we all know that iPhone X has been introduced that demands for a better user experience with regards to the apps. So let’s dive in and check out some predictions that giants of this industry have made about mobile app development in 2018:


Every business owner wants to optimize the business process and simplify it, even more, to get things on a smooth track. This not only minimizes costs but also increases profits. No matter which industry you are a part of, bots will be there at every other end soon. In fact, the bots will play a vital role to turn things better in the mobile application development Dubai.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Ever since the technology has started improving, the smartphones and devices have also gone faster. Augmented reality has entire evolved the impression of usual applications and gaming apps. It’s quite likely to gain momentum in 2018. In fact, the giants like Microsoft are planning to launch some great apps for the market.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Finally, the developers at Apple are now allowed to integrate SIRI into their application. Soon, this voice assistant would be able to provide you with the live assistance as well. Not only this, the artificial intelligence will be integrated into many other areas to provide the better user experience.

By now, only the large enterprises are able to bear the cost of artificial intelligence. But in 2018 and years ahead, this trend would entirely change and more people will have access to this.


Not only E-commerce but also the M-Commerce are is a rapidly evolving market. For businesses, it’s really essential to create an amazing application in order to have tons of fans online. It would also impact the business growth.

While shopping on mobile phones, many people emphasize on the cash-on-delivery options. But in the years ahead, mobile payments will be easier as they will be integrated to crypto-currency wallets and internet banking etc.


First of all, Blockchain doesn’t have to do with the bitcoin all the time. It’s mainly a technology, a new approach to development as well as security. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why it has a lot to do with bitcoin as it’s a full-fledged digital product.

With the usage of the block-chain, Mobile development has gained a tremendous amount of popularity. Alongside building credibility, it allows fortifying your protection security system.

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