An Integrated Platform Helps Authorities to Come Out of The Backlog Quicksand

After the great recession, there was a sharp surge in tax credit, patent, and compliance-related written applications. The paper-based, manual processes were too cumbersome to be effective in processing this increased rate of applications fairly quickly. In fact, these slow processes further added to the backlog, thus creating a real-time document processing challenge for authorities.

To clear the colossal backlog of regulatory authorities and administrative institutions, information solution experts came up with automated integration solutions. As an information solution expert, I was at the forefront of a groundbreaking integration suite. I offered a fully integrated online platform embedded with dexterous features to get the companies out of backlog quicksand.

Use Case: Solution Which Can Help Regulatory Authorities in Getting Out of the Bubble?


A federal program provided tax credits to companies hiring employees from specific segments, i.e.,  veterans, youth, ex-felons, etc. As per the plan, businesses were supposed to send applications mentioning the details of hired employees to respective authorities for receiving the tax credits. After the great recession of 2008, there was a steep increase in application submissions. Apart from this, there were already pending documents which required renewals at the federal level on yearly basis.

Adeptia Solution

As a result, there was a considerable amount of backlog of lacs of applications. With the roadblock ahead, authorities urgently needed an automation solution.

A fully-automated platform was envisioned for submitting and processing applications. The wizard helped in reducing the application processing time by just a few days and saved the cost of hiring further resources. The platform cleared the backlog and saved millions of dollars in tax credits for employers.

In an aggregate the following benefits were delivered to the authorities:

#1 Fully Automated Systems:

The integration platform helped in automating form submission process. The custom programming features reduced manual processing errors and monitored documents effectively.

#2 Integrated Processes:

Moreover, the online platform was synchronized with backend systems to ensure that data is moving freely. The Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) established ‘Bulk Application Submission’ and ‘Document Validation Processes’ with predefined business rules.

#3 Processed Data with 10X Agility:

The data arrived electronically and fed automatically into systems from where it was flagged, managed and classified instantly. The features helped authorities in processing 174,393 applications in few months saving approximately $256 million dollars and accelerating revenue.

#4 Zero Backlogs:

The developed solution helped in processing applications in just a flip and ensured timely federal renewals or rejections. The system updated users about the accumulated data after specific periods of time and ensured zero backlogs.

#5 Scalability:

The highly scalable solution addressed complete data & b2b integration needs of clients. Scalability features helped the organization in customizing the solution as per evolving and stringent business rules, i.e., tax records, property deeds, etc.

In this way, the groundbreaking features of an integration suite help authorities in setting up and automating their processes. The simplified automation solutions and capabilities have acquired the reputation for creating automated rich workflows and reducing errors. These solutions can further enable public sector organizations in calibrating their IT infra and generating more output.

My name is John Scutz and I am a technology enthusiast at Adeptia Inc ( As an active participant in the IT industry, I often like to talk about data, integration, and how technology is helping businesses realize their potential.