9 Latest Big Data Management Trends in 2020

As people advance towards digitalization, big data management is the most talked-about subject. It is estimated that the big data market is going to have a 103 billion-dollar turnover by 2020. A normal internet user composes 2.5 quintillion bytes of data on a daily basis.

What Data Means to the Words

Nowadays, all the devices and sensors generate huge data that needs to be managed and analyzed. According to Gartner’s three V’s strategy, data can be in high volume, velocity, and variety. The inclusion of variety gives a proper insight into the growth of different types of data.

This makes data analytics and management a bit difficult. For this very reason, there are ever-changing trends in the world of big data management.

Here are nine game-changer trends in big data management.

Augmented Data Analytics

Data analytics developers work really hard to invent new technology to help business persons and data employees. Augmented analytics also helps data scientists and normal people by data science automation, Artificial intelligence advanced prototype, and management.

According to Gartner, augmented data analytics is a process of maintenance of the various chores of big data management via machine learning, raw language processing, and artificial intelligence. These help in data preparation, idea production, and upshots description to enrich customer experience and working procedures.

Prolonged Practice of Analytics and Graph Databases

Business experts are in constant need for various forms of data, they require data from numerous tools and citations. The management and analysis of such big scale data are troublesome while using traditional devices.

The use of graph data and analytics is anticipated to use twice the amount in the near future.

So, graph databases and software are invented to curtail the intricacy by portraying the relevance of different factors such as people, places, and elements.

Augmented Data Management

Augmented data management helps businesses manage the deployment process with the provision of information about their data like, what data they retain, what is the meaning, how is it going to add value, and is the source valid?

Just with the use of numbers from standing systems, functional storage, and authorized policy level instructions will deter the place of data operations. This brings warnings to data engineers about any issue or breach of the data.

It also provides a high capacity to use partner data, public authorized data, Data fabric, or any other form of data that is hard to use in its initial form.


Gartner’s have indicated that by 2021, DBMS products will replace the authorized uses of blockchain. Blockchain empowers the origin of all the agreements and possession and also entails transparency for participants in complex networks.

Firms need to redesign their prevailing business strategies with an allocated computing domain in mind.

Persistent Memory Servers

This memory server took a lot of time to launch in markets for public use. However, it is not a fool-proof replacement of DRAM.

There are two procedures of operation:

Memory Mode

Memory mode does not require significant changes in the software, huge memory sizes are accessible. This mode has no persistent feature, though it is very easy to use. It is unstable because it does not acquire persistence for HA.

Application Direct Mode

This mode provides a huge data space with persistent memory. To enable the benefits, businesses need to optimize their software to have a profound impact on accidental recovery, operation of a system after a failure, and High availability.

With time, the cost will reduce and the persistent memory server will be widely accessible and the use of DBMS will thrive.

Commercial AI ML

Data scientists are now measured on business outcomes, not on production metrics. According to Gartner, around 75% of users utilizing AI and ML will use commercial platforms rather than open-source.

This big data management trend helps in assembling diverse operating system tools. This is the key factor for the usage of commercial platforms. The current AI processes are unstable and digressing. Commercial platforms will provide better planning and roadmaps for robust software infrastructure.

NLP or Colloquial Analytics

NLP enables easy question answer sessions on data and also acquires a brief description of the potential ideas. Colloquial or conversational analytics is still under development but the inclusion of speech to text feature has changed its velocity.

This voice search feature can be fulfilled with any digital assistance speaker or device. This builds a communication bridge between a system and an employee. It can enhance the adoption process, ensuring increased business results.

Descriptive Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the latest addition to big data management. This ensures error-free work that too in less time. Explainable AI is the batch of skills that illustrate a prototype, summits it’s advantages and disadvantages, foresees the possible mode, and recognizes all probable inclinations.

It is predicted that by 2023 almost 75% of huge firms will employ AI experts to curtail brand risk.

Data fabric

A data fabric is a customized layout that enables pipelines, reused data services, and APIs through an assortment of data integration addressed in an orchestra style. It helps data scientists, data engineers, and data modelers for proper management of big data.

This enhances AI and ML strategies that focus on all the key aspects of data modeling, refactoring, schema generation, and more.

Final Words

Data management plays a key role in any business as it enables data scientists to analyze the data for new strategies and upscale production. Most companies utilize data to construct the latest prototypes and managing huge amounts of data is tough with traditional tools.

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