8 Reasons to Make Your Website Mobile Optimized

We are all well aware of the importance of online existence for any business out there. If you think that you have invested enough, and you don’t have to cater specially to those who use mobile devices, think again.

Don’t waste your SEO efforts

Digital presence is everything in today’s business world, especially with the fact in mind that a lot of businesses operate online exclusively. Businesses invest thousands and thousands of dollars in their SEO and improve rankings of their websites. Having a mobile-optimized website is a simple and basic way of gaining an advantage with Google, for example, as they prioritize mobile-optimized websites.

The Speed

Here is another reason for a mobile website, backed by SEO. The speed at which your website loads is important criteria for determining your SEO rating. The recommendation coming from none other than Google is that your entire page should load within under 2 seconds. You snooze you lose, a customer, and that is only within two blinks of an eye if you do it really fast. An optimized website will ensure the optimal recommended speed and no users lost.

The link to social media

Social media is increasingly becoming everyone’s past time. We will not even go into business opportunities granted through this channel. We will simply urge you to think what people do while they are sitting n their couch bored, out on a bench waiting for a friend, or during their commute. They are all staring at their phones, most of them browsing through their social media pages. The reports by We Are Social and Hootsuite show that 9 in 10 social media users access it through their phones. This means that people will very likely navigate from their social media to your page and you better be optimized, or else.

User experience

This is where it all begins. This is the reason why you care to know the number of people who have mobile devices, the frequency of their use, what Google thinks about it etc. User experience is the prerogative of all marketing efforts and reputable businesses don’t dare to get their users upset. What they are looking for is a frictionless experience which adds value. By giving them a well-designed, mobile-optimized website with quality content, you are creating the excellent user experience.

Screen-size adaptability

A website which is optimized for mobile devices offers a unique advantage, it gets you ready for the future. With the rate at which technological innovations emerge, no one is able to say exactly how it will develop. With the new devices being launched and the screen sizes change, your properly optimized website will be able to adapt. Regardless of the size of the screen used to view it, the resolution will change and it will shrink and expand to meet the new conditions.

Increasing mobile usage

In view of the smartphone and other mobile devices growing in popularity, so does the need for businesses to have mobile-optimized websites.  It is hard to say which percentage of the population uses mobile devices as not all stats are available globally. If we look some of the developing countries, for example out of 24.7 million people, there are 19.7 users of locked and outright mobiles in Australia. Looking, at the US they have 325. 7 million people and 27.7 people using mobile phones. We know how many of us share this planet, and we know how many mobile devices are out there, and according to Marketpath research, the second number is the larger one.

Mobile traffic increase

Having mentioned the number of mobile phones in the world, we can go ahead and assume that most of them are being used. With the increasing availability of Internet coverage, people worldwide are using their mobile devices to access the internet. The same applies to the usage of mobile data which is also on the increase. With all of this in mind, it is not unlikely that there are people who don’t use computers but facilitate all of their online activities through a mobile device. This means that they would not even get an opportunity to see how amazing the desktop version of your website is. They only get a chance to experience your mobile version. That’s why you optimize.

One for all

If you have a separate version of a website designed for mobile devices, we can’t say you are not trying to please the customers of today. However, that practice is outdated and nowadays it is common to simply optimize your website and have one version of it, instead of two. It is easier to manage with less work to do and consequently cost-effective.

As previously mentioned, the bottom line is the user experience. You may think that today’s user is spoiled and impatient and it may be true, but they are so because the market has made them so. They expect you to be mobile optimized and ignoring those expectations could ruin your reputation and your brand image.

Steven Clarke is a digital marketing specialist. In his spare time, he likes to write about his ideas and share them with the world. Steven is a regular contributor to several websites.