7 Reasons: Why Should You Go For VPS Hosting?

Are you concerned that the website is unable to meet the expectations of your customers? One basic reason that may be behind the problem is the hosting that you might have opted for. There are numerous benefits and let’s take at them one by one, but let’s first see what is VPS hosting is all about?

Overview Of  VPS Hosting

VPS means virtual private server in which the physical server is partitioned into some spaces. Each dedicated virtual server is allocated to one customer. After the allocation, the customer has sole access to the computing resources of that virtual server. It is unlike a shared server in which some customers share the same resources in one server. Plenty of providers offer VPS hosting nowadays which might make your decision on picking the right one for you harder because you don’t want to make a mistake in loosing out on a service that might be better than the one you choose. This article will try to broaden your understanding of this subject and maybe help you out on choosing which provider is best for you.

Some reasons that make Windows VPS hosting indispensable are:


#1. More Control

In VPS hosting you get more control over your server. You are free to install applications and the software; you are free to implement the security measures and may also choose the operating you want. Thus you have complete control over the system.

#2. Better Security

Unlike shared hosting where the computing resources are shared across multiple clients, VPS offers better security as in one virtual machine there may be only one customer. It makes sure that security issues of one customer are not spilled over to the others.

#3. Economical Option

This hosting is more economical than other forms of the hosting. In fact, it is cheaper than the web hosting. In dedicated server hosting, a single computer is rented for the exclusive use, although you get the privacy, you have to foot a larger bill. It is slightly expensive than the shared hosting but is certainly cheaper than dedicated hosting.

#4. Portable

A common problem with the owned server is that to you can easily move your application from one server to the other. A proven benefit is portability of the application as the VPS accounts are managed by the images of the server. If there is an update in the server configuration, the hosting provider can move the image of the server with zero downtime.

#5. Better Performance

VPS hosting shows better performance than the shared hosting as the machine are used by other customers as well. So you will not be facing a shortage of CPU, memory, and bandwidth and you have been allocated the resources especially for you by the service provider.

#6. High Availability

Hardware failures are widespread, but small businesses can’t have expensive business continuity plans. With VPS you get high availability without spending money on buying extra hardware.

#7. Easily Scalable

You can’t predict how your business is going to perform in the future. If you go for dedicated server hosting, it may become a challenge but with VPS hosting you can easily scale the resources without spending too much.

In The End

These reasons are compelling enough to go for Windows VPS hosting without exceeding your budgets.

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