6 Stats That Will Make You Want to Invest in Content Marketing

The Digital Marketing World is filled with opportunities and options for you to utilize. There is no dearth of good investment available on the web. And one of the most solid investments which are showing a rather promising review is that of content marketing. It is a very good rising field which will definitely be promising enough for you to be able to earn good money.

After all, most marketing and advertisements are done by proper content presence all over the internet, giving the customers a chance to be attracted to the respective products and services.

However, if you feel unconvinced and confused, here are a few facts and stats which will convince you of the potential of good investment in the content marketing sector.

The following 6 stats will help you know the financial viability of the field:-

The large content based blog entries create 9x a greater number of leads than short-frame blog entries.

Short content can often time be ignored by people. But large content is often instructive and a lot of rules and technical details related to a particular project. This makes longer blog entries a more viable option and quite frequently has implied that giving more regard for top-notch content is important for converting into inevitable deals.

Just 55% of bloggers refresh old posts. The individuals who do are 74% more inclined to get better results.

Repeating the same content is not very good for your reputation or for your content. Repetitive posts get shot down and discarded faster than a tissue paper. The content needs to be new and refreshing in order to move up to the top posts, create few fields with new data, and ensure your substance is evergreen.

On the off chance that your mainstream content begins descending the positions, straightforward updating could expand your content in terms of content management.

According to Google, more up to date content will probably be significant than a post from years back, so once in a while refreshing a post can be on a par with composing another one.

76% of B2B advertisers blog and 73% distribute contextual analyses – Content Marketing Institute

Blogging is one good sure shot way of getting attention for your product and service. The various methods of advertising techniques are demonstrated via a blog.  Blogging helps to build connections (and specialization). It helps to give you a stage advance for your item/benefit and gives a vehicle to reach prospects.

Contextual analysis enables the organizations to utilize relatable business stories to move the client prospects towards the finish of the purchaser venture.

On the off chance that a purchaser is going back and forth, seeing the accomplishment of a comparable business in a similar industry can help you make the best decision.

Content Marketing Cycle

The best three content management promoting strategies are blogging (65%); online profile maintenance (64%), and other contextual investigations (64%) –

Blogging and online profiling are purportedly the two best showcasing strategies, as demonstrated in Regalix’s State of B2B Digital Marketing 2016, and for all intents and purposes it is shown in each investigation you’ll discover.

The two strategies address the diverse phases of the purchase process, and this kind of content-based blogging is incredible for the recent age, since the clients can find good content through their keywords, and the internet-based profile is the best method to construct an association with leads. This helps them in guiding the customers back to your website again and again.

45% of the major advertisers and company spokespersons say that blogging is their number one most essential substance system.

Blogging enables the advertisers to make ian nstructive and refreshing material, to gather any random survey data by means of various selections, and to help in enhancement of SEO efforts which will make the blog more effective and fruitful for the customers. It will also play a major role in helping the content get a higher priority on various search engines.

The normal blog entry is presently 1,142 words in an average and catches the most attention.

In the beginning of blogging, 500 word content materials were sufficient on the ranks for a catchphrase. Those days are a distant memory. The primary page of Google is now fiercely aggressive. With such a great amount of content material to compose, Google takes a gander at word considering as a marker of profundity and quality.

While the run of the mill post length has relentlessly ticked up throughout the years, the length of a #1 positioning post is considerably higher. An examination by SerpIQ found out that the best-rated content is normally a little more than 2,400 words. This could be indicative of the way that more extended blog entries get more backlinks and hence more clicks on the post.

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